Record a TV Program Based on the Title Name (Auto-Record)

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This guide provides instructions on how to set up a recording on your PVR based on the title of the TV program. You may find this guide useful if:


  • you are unable to setup a series recording for the program
  • your TV program does not show up on the Interactive Guide as a series but is a recurring program
  • you are unable to locate the program in your Guide and would like to set up a recording


To record a TV program based on the Title using a Motorola or Pace PVR:

  1. Press MENU on your Shaw Remote
  2. Select the Search option
  3. Select Keyword to search for your program
  4. Enter the title or keyword for the desired TV program e.g. EK LAVYA; partial words are accepted
  5. Press the RIGHT arrow button until Search Now is highlighted
  6. Press OK and a list of results will populate matching your search
  7. Select the Auto-Record on the bottom-left corner of the menu and then press OK
  8. Set the options for the Auto-Recordings and then select Auto-record results with these settings



The programs in the Guide which matched your search query will show a magnifying glass icon with a red dot indicating that they are scheduled for a recording and will auto-record once they are being broadcast. Repeat the procedure above for each program that you wish to Auto-Record.




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