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Shaw email on the go!

One of the many facets of the Shaw Webmail platform is a web email portal with a specially formatted view for mobile devices including Apple iOS and Android devices. To begin, visit on your browser.


This article will provide insight into viewing Shaw Webmail via your mobile device including:


View your inbox

Once logged in, you will see the main inbox view which offers shortcut icons at the top followed by a view of any messages (new and old) available in your main Inbox folder. Here you can tap on a message to open it or tap on the box next to it to highlight the message for sorting and other actions (described below).

Inbox on mobile view


This view will also provide a Log Out option at the bottom alongside an indication of how much of your email quota is in use.

mobile logout options

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Composing a new message

To send an email, start by tapping the Compose button at the top of the screen. This will open a message.


Compose Button


Enter in your To, Subject, and Message and either tap Save or Send when you are ready.


Composing an email on mobile


You can view Drafts and Sent messages in your folders.

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Much like in the desktop portal for Webmail, Shaw offers full contact control within the mobile view. To view the contacts pane, simply click on the contacts icon in the main bar at the top of the screen.


Webmail Contacts in Mobile


Within Contacts, you will see the ability to view and list all of your saved contacts as well as the options for adding new contacts or highlighting contacts (with a check mark) for additional actions.

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Webmail offers a calendar feature for organising events and timelines within the online context of your Shaw email account. Accessible via the Calendar icon in the main bar, the Calendar will show you an expanded view of the current month with options to view upcoming days as a list or even to view a single day as an entire page.


Calendar on mobile view


Days with an activity already saved to them will show with an underline and tap on these days will show the appointments below the main calendar view.


Calendar on mobile view monthly



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Accessed via the magnifier icon in the main bar at the top of the screen, the Search feature allows you to search your messages based on a variety of criteria. Simply define what you are searching for and tap "Search."


Search in mobile


The search bar will change depending on what section you are in. To search your emails, make sure you are in your inbox before clicking the Search button.

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Folder Management

Shaw Webmail allows full folder creation and control for sorting and managing your emails in whatever manner you prefer. From the main inbox view, you can view and control your folders by tapping on the Folders button. From this view, you will see a list of all of your folders as well as options to create a new folder, search folders, or create new tags for easier organisation of your messages. Only custom-created folders can be removed.


Folders in mobile view

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Message actions

Message Actions allow you to control the status (unread/read/spam), flagging, or position of a message (move to a defined folder). Highlight a message by tapping a check mark in place next to the message.


actions in mobile


This enables above options for Spam, Delete, and Actions. Tap Spam if the message should be marked as Spam, Delete if you wish to Delete the message (send it to trash bin), and Action if you would like to see a scrollable list of available options.

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The preferences panel can be accessed from the bottom of the Inbox screen.


Preferences on mobile


It offers a series of settings for time zone, emails display options, and the start of the week.


preferences on mobile options


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The Shaw Webmail mobile interface offers a few different views bases on your preferences and what will load the fastest if you do not have access to a 3G or WiFi connection. To change the default view simply scroll to the bottom of the inbox screen and you will see a prompt for View: Thin (EDGE/GPRS) | More


view options on mobile


The Thin option will offer the fastest loading times for a slower connection while More will take you to the Views screen where you can chance the default view from one designed for the iPhone or Windows Mobile.


These views and purely cosmetic and do not provide any change in performance or feature set.

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Differences between iOS and Android

While using Webmail in the browser of your mobile version, you may notice tiny differences in the interface. The major changes are the ways the phone will display information. Here is an example of how the interface may be slightly different between an Android and Apple device:

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