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One of the many facets of the Shaw Webmail platform is a webmail portal with a specially formatted view for mobile devices. This document will highlight the format, structure and features for users of the Android software found on smart phone and tablet devices. If you are connecting with Shaw Webmail via an iOS (Apple) device, please see this document for specialized support Webmail Mobile View - (iOs Apple)

To access Webmail from your iOS device, go to wm.shaw.ca from your internet browser and login with your Shaw.ca email and password.


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Manage Your Inbox


To view your Inbox simply click on the inbox icon (envelope). Once you have navigated to your inbox you will be able to view your messages, compose new messages and perform various actions on the items listed there including deleting, moving and tagging them.


Webmail Mobile View 1Webmail Mobile View 2
Click the Inbox icon, highlighted above in red to access your Inbox. This will also refresh your Inbox.
Click on an item in the Inbox to view the message



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Compose a New Message


The Compose view within Webmail is fairly straightforward. Offering fields for To, Subject, and the actual email message, you will have the option of either saving (as a draft for further editing or delayed sending) or sending the newly authored message.

Webmail Mobile View create new messageWebmail Mobile View add recipient

Select the Inbox icon

Select Compose

Add a recipient, subject and then compose your message. Once completed, press send


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Much like in the desktop portal for Webmail, Shaw offers full contact control within the mobile view. To view the contacts pane, simply click on the contacts icon (the silhouette of a person's head) in the main bar at the top of the screen. Within Contacts you will see the ability for viewing and listing all of your saved contacts as well as the options for adding new contacts or highlighting contacts (with a check mark) for additional actions.


Webmail Mobile View contactWebmail Mobile View contactWebmail Mobile View contact
Select the Contacts icon, as pictured above. Here you will be presented with a list of your contacts
Clicking on a contact will bring you to that contacts page. Here you'll be able to view details you've saved about that contactSelect Add from the contacts page to create a new contact. You will be able to save information including the contacts name, job, email and phone number.



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Webmail offers a calendar feature for organizing events and timelines within the online context of your Shaw email account. Accessible via the Calendar icon in the main bar, the Calendar will show you an expanded view of the current month with options to view upcoming days as a list or even to view a single day as an entire page. Days with an activity already saved to them will show with an underline (see the 14th below) and tapping on these days will show the appointments below the main calendar view (see figure 2).


Webmail Mobile View calendar viewWebmail Mobile View calendarWebmail Mobile View calendar
Select the Calendar icon, as pictured above. Here you will be able to view your monthly calendar and any appointments you have made. Select Add to create a new appointment
Creating a new appointment will allow you to set subject, location, start and end times. Once completed you can select SaveOnce an appointment has been created you can view it in your calendar. Dates which are underlined have appointments scheduled. Clicking on one of these dates will bring up additional details at the bottom of the page



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Accessed via the magnifier icon in the main bar at the top of the screen, the Search feature allows you to search your messages based on a variety of criteria. Simply define what you are searching for and tap "Search"

Webmail Mobile View searchWebmail Mobile View search
Select the Search icon. Define what it is you'd like to search, then press the Search buttonSelecting Advanced Search will allow you to define additional search parameters



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Folder Management (Deleted, Drafts, Custom)


Shaw Webmail allows full folder creation and control for sorting and managing your emails in whatever manner you prefer. From the main inbox view, you can view and control your folders from either of the two "Folders" buttons available (see highlighted). From the Folders view you will see a list of all of your folders as well as options to create a new folder, search folders, or create new tags for easier organization of your messages. Only custom-created folders can be removed.

Webmail Mobile View folder managementWebmail Mobile View folders
To view additional folders you can select the Folders Drop-down menu, then select the folder you would like to view, ORSelect the Folders icon, highlighted above.



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Actions (Select, Mark as, Flag, Move to)


Message Actions allow you to control the status (unread/read/spam), flagging, or position of a message (move to a defined folder). Highlight a message by tapping a check mark in place next to the message. This enables options for Actions, Delete and Select. Tap Actions to see a list of available actions (move, mark as, flag) or Delete if you wish to Delete the message (send it to trash bin).

Webmail Mobile View actionsWebmail Mobile View delete or select
Select an email in your Inbox or other folder by selecting the check box next to itSelect the Actions icon, highlighted in the image above, and then choose actions, then select done to see a list of available commands. You can also choose to Select or Delete the message from this menu



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The preferences panel can be accessed from the bottom of the Inbox screen and offers a series of settings for timezone, number of emails displayed on a page, and even what day the calendar will show as the start of the week.


Webmail Mobile View preferences
Select the Preferences option from the bottom of the page while on the Inbox, Contacts or Calendar view to access your preferences



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The Shaw Webmail mobile interface offers a few different views bases on your preferences and what will load the fastest if you do not have access to a 3G or WiFi connection. To change the default view simply scroll to the bottom of the inbox screen and you will see a prompt for View: Thin (EDGE/GPRS) | More. The Thin option will offer the fastest loading times for a slower connection while More will take you to the Views screen where you can chance the default view from one designed for the iPhone to one designed for Windows Mobile. These views and purely cosmetic and do not provide any change in performance or feature set.


Webmail Mobile View views
Select either the Thin (EDGE/GPRS) or More options next to View



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