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Digital boxes featuring the new Shaw High Definition Guide (including the DCX3200 and DCX3510) require a specific process to be installed and connected correctly. If you have opted for self installation of your new DCX3200 or DCX3510, please follow these steps to ensure a quick and simple setup of your new Digital Box. Once the Digital Box has been properly connected you will need the following information to activate the box for use:



Serial Number: found on the rear of your Digital Box labelled as Host SN or printed below a bar code

Account Number: found at the top your monthly Shaw bill



Please Note: If you are activating a box that uses the Shaw Classic Guide, please see: Connecting and Activating Your Digital Box




Connecting Your HD Digital Box


Please follow these steps to connect your new HD Digital Box. Once connected, please continue with the steps outlined in the following Activating section found below. To allow for the equipment to properly initialize, it is important that the connections described in this section are connected in the order listed below.


Connecting and Activating Your Digital Box

  1. Remove the new Digital Box from its packaging and note the serial number as listed on the back of the box. The serial number is required for activation of the equipment
  2. Connect the Coaxial (screw-on) cable (diagram above)
  3. Connect the provided HDMI cable from the back of the cable box to an available HDMI input on the back of your TV
  4. Now connect the Power Cable to the digital box (see diagram below)


Connecting and Activating Your Digital Box power cable




Activating Your HD Digital Box


Once your equipment has been connected as described above, please visit activations.shaw.ca to begin activating your new Digital Box.The process for activating your equipment varies depending on how you acquired the Digital Box. You will see the following options on screen, please select the situation that applies.


activating your HD box



For Boxes Purchased from Shaw

If you purchased the box directly from Shaw, please visit activations.shaw.ca and choose the option for I purchased by Digital Hardware directly from Shaw (seen above, right). You will need to confirm that the box has been installed as per the directions listed above and then click YES and proceed to STEP: 3 where you will be asked to enter your location, account number and the serial number from the new Digital Box.


Boxes Purchased from Shaw

activate now button


With the information entered into the fields, please click the Activate Now button as shown above. The activation process takes a few minutes to initialize and is described in greater detail below. Using the online activation service is the fastest way to activate your new HD Guide-enabled Digital Box. If you encounter any problems while using the online activations service, please connect with a Shaw Support Representative via Shaw Customer Chat.



For Boxes Purchased from Authorized Retailers

If you have purchased your new Shaw Digital Box from an authorized retailer (such as Future Shop or Best Buy) you will need to connect with a Shaw Support Representative to have the box enabled on your account before activating the box for use. Please visit activations.shaw.ca and choose the option for "I purchased my digital hardware from an authorized retailer" which will give you the opportunity to indicate which box you have purchased, as shown below.


hd box from retail

With the correct Digital Box selected, please click the green Chat Now button below to launch a Customer Chat session.



After Activation

Once your Digital Box has been activated, it will display a functioning TV picture and begin loading the guide information. The setup process does require a series of downloads from the Shaw system to complete the setup. These downloads are done automatically and may cause the picture to freeze and a series of numbers to show on the front panel of the box while the setup is completed. The entire setup process should take no more than 30 minutes, after which the box will reboot and the picture will be restored to your TV. Please do not reboot or power cycle the Digital Box during this time as it will interrupt these final stages of the setup process.



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Connecting and Activating Your Digital Box


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