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The Shaw Email Transfer program allows you to copy your saved emails and contacts from your current email address to your new Shaw Webmail account. This includes email addresses from Telus, Sasktel and MTS*. In addition to notifying your contacts of your new email address, the Shaw Email Transfer program will also automatically forward emails to your new account for up to 30 days, or until your non-Shaw email address is closed.
If you are currently using a webmail Service (internet based email) Shaw Email Transfer will allow you to transfer the contents of your Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Trash folders. If you are using an email client such as Mac Mail, Outlook or Windows Live Mail you will not be able to transfer your address book or emails as these are stored locally on your computer.

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Please Contact Us to see if you are eligible for Shaw Easy Switch Email Transfer. 



How to set up Shaw Email Transfer


  1. Navigate to the Email Transfer program at Shaw Email Transfer
  2. Select the Start button pictured below to begin the email transfer process
    Easy Switch: Email TransferEasy Switch > Email Transfer
  3. Enter in your email information
    1. Enter your Old Email Account and Password
    2. Enter your new Shaw Email Account information 
      Enter Old and New Email InformationEasy Switch: Enter Old and New Email Information
  4. Select the services that you would like to activate with your Shaw Email Transfer program. Items include:
    1. Transfer saved emails - If you are currently using a Webmail service this will include items in your Sent, Draft and Trash folders
    2. Transfer address book - Only applicable if you're using a Webmail service. If you're using an email client this information should be saved on your computer already
    3. Notify all contacts of your updated email address - This service only works if you are transferring your account from a webmail service. If you are currently using an email client the Email Transfer program will not be able to notify your contacts, as these are stored locally on your computer
    4. Forward email sent to your old address for up to 30 days 

      Choose your Migration OptionsChoose your Migration Options
  5. Review the selected services and select Finish to complete the process

Easy Switch: Finish Process

Easy Switch Finish Process

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How to check the status of your email transfer

To check the status of your email transfer:

  1. Visit Shaw Email Transfer Status
  2. Log in with your Shaw email address and password

Check Easy Switch Status

Check Easy Switch Status

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Additional details/Troubleshooting

Only the following webmail services are compatible with Shaw Email Transfer:

  • Telus Residential Webmail (
  • SaskTel Residential Webmail (
  • MTS Residential Webmail ( or

Shaw Email Transfer program will only work if your Shaw account is on Webmail

Shaw Webmail Logo

If your account is not Webmail you will need to upgrade it. Learn more about Webmail
More information about Webmail can be found at Understanding Shaw Webmail
Double check your Email Information
If you are experiencing any issues with the Shaw Email Transfer program please ensure both your old email address and password, as well as your new address and password are correct.


* Email Transfer can only migrate messages in the Inbox folder for MTS customers

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