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Wireless Internet Overview

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Wireless Internet Information and Resources

Below you will find a list of all of the documents that provide support on Shaw Wireless Internet services as well as a brief description. Click on any of the documents (in blue) to be redirected to the relevant support document.




Wireless Device Quick Setup Guide

First time setup for your WiFi device. Includes instructions for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and OS X

Wireless Connectivity Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting support for your wireless Internet connection
How to log into your Shaw Wireless Modem

Log into your Shaw Wireless Modem so that you can modify settings such as the network name, password and wireless channel

How to Change the Wireless Channel on Your Shaw Wireless Modem

A guide on how to change the wireless network channel on your Shaw Wireless Modem. This may be necessary if you are having slow speeds or connection issues

How to Change the Wireless Mode (b/g/n)

If your device's wireless mode is not compatible with the current wireless mode of your Shaw Wireless Modem your device may not be able to detect or connect to your wireless network. This document will instruct you on how to change the wireless mode

How to Change the Wireless Network Name (SSID)

Instructions on how to change the name of your wireless network, which is used to identify your network from other wireless networks that are in range of your device

How to Change Your Wireless Network Password

The wireless network password is the password which allows you to connect to your wireless network. This document will show you how to change that password

Converting your Wireless Modem to Bridge Mode

If you currently have a Wireless Modem from Shaw and would like to disable its wireless functions, this document will instruct you on the proper way to do this

Network Name (SSID) Does Not Appear in List of Networks

Troubleshooting support if you can't find your wireless network on your computer or mobile device

WiFi Interference If you are experiencing connection issues with your wireless connection this document will explain more about WiFi Interference, and how it affects your home wireless Internet.





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