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Shaw offers 3D programming for select On Demand titles. Below you will find some frequently asked questions concerning the 3D programming that Shaw offers.


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What do I need to watch 3D programming through Shaw

How do I order a program in 3D

How is the new 3D TV technology different than the old 3D

Do I need a special TV to view 3D programming

I'm not able to see the picture in 3D, what do I do

Do I need a HDMI 1.4 cable for 3D

List of compatible hardware



What do I need to watch 3D programming through Shaw


Viewing 3D programming through Shaw in stereoscopic 3D requires a new 3D-ready television set, which supports stereoscopic 3D via special 3D glasses which must be compatible with your specific 3D television model. These TV's (and the supplemental glasses) have recently been made available by Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and other manufacturers.


Setup Requirements:


  • Full HD 3D television set
  • Television manufacturers specified stereoscopic 3D glasses (one for each viewer)
  • Your 3D glasses may have functioning batteries installed and must be powered on.
  • Shaw 3D-HD compatible Digital Box (see list here)
  • You must be subscribed to HD programming
  • HDMI cable connection facilitating the connection from the Digital Box to your TV.
  • HD 3D TV with its 3D Mode enabled (consult your TV's user guide)


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How do I order a program in 3D


You can view available 3D programming by checking out Shaw on Demand's 3D selection

Once you have found a title that you wish to order you can order it online* or via your remote control. See: Ordering a title in Shaw On Demand


Once the title has been ordered, you will be prompted with a short video which will explain how to best view the program in 3D. You will need to adjust your TV settings so that they match the requirements of the 3D program. In most cases, this will mean switching between side by side, top and bottom or sequential 3D display types.


*If you have ordered the title online, you will need to go to your My Orders section in Video on Demand to begin playing the content


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How is the new 3D TV technology different from older 3D


Older 3D used the anaglyph method - a pair of 3D glasses with two colour lenses to separate the images to your two eyes. The result is in 3D, however, the 3D effect with anaglyph is lower quality than you could experience with modern equipment that is designed specifically for viewing 3D content.


Newer technology, such as the stereoscopic technology used to broadcast Shaw 3D programming uses HD picture and full colour images with superior depth effects. New 3D TV's require 3D active shutter glasses specific to the type of 3D television, which work with the TV to create the illusion of 3D in the programming displayed on-screen.


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Do I need a special TV to view 3D programming


A 3D-ready television is required to watch Shaw 3D programming. Models are available from various manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. A standard HD television will not be able to display the 3D effects broadcast using this new technology. In addition to the 3D TV, each user will need their own pair of 3D glasses from the TV manufacturer.


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I'm not able to see the picture in 3D, what do I do


Please ensure that you have all the necessary equipment required in order to watch 3D content (found above).

If you are using a Shaw Gateway system, please ensure that you have 1080p enabled in the settings option. If you are using a different Shaw Digital Box you may need to set your display format as Native.


To do this, simply power off your Digital Box, then press SELECT on your Shaw Remote and then change the video output to Native. Once completed, simply power your Digital Box off, and then back on.


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Do I need a HDMI 1.4 cable for 3D


HDMI 1.4 required for Blu-ray 3D


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List of compatible 3D Digital Boxes




Motorola DCX3400 *

Motorola DCX3510-M *

Motorola DCX3200 *

Motorola DCX3200 M-P3 *

Motorola DCT6200

Motorola DCT6412

Motorola DCT6416

Motorola DCT3416


Pace Tahoe
Pace Aspen TDC776D *

Pace Summit DC758D*

Pace Whistler



Arris Portal / Gateway *

Arris Portal MP2150



*The items with a star are also compatible with MPEG4 broadcasts which is required to view some 3D programs



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