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The Shaw on Demand Search App has been decommissioned as of August 7th, 2018. Please see Aug 7 | Shaw Video on Demand Search App is retiring for more information.

Learn about the Shaw On Demand search app for iPhone. With the Shaw On Demand App you can browse and order Shaw On Demand titles directly from your iPhone. This application is for ordering titles only and cannot be used for playing back the titles you have ordered through your mobile device. Titles ordered via the app are viewable on your Digital Cable Box.


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This article will provide insight into:


How to download the Shaw on Demand app

To download the app for your iOS or Android device click here: Download Now


Once the installation is complete, the Shaw On Demand Search App will appear on your home screen with the icon highlighted below. Simply tap the icon to launch the application.


Shaw on Demand App for iPhone



There is no cost to download the application from the App store, however, Shaw is not responsible for any data fees charged by your mobile provider in using data for the download.


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Sign in and authentication
To enable functionality, you need to sign into the Shaw On Demand Search App using your Shaw ID and password. Once you are signed in, you will have the ability to create a Wishlist or even order On Demand titles from within the app to have them waiting on your Digital Box.


To sign in:

  1. Tap the notification in the top right corner of the screen or tap on the More icon and choose Settings and then tap Sign In from the menu seen.


If you need to register for Shaw ID, please click here: Shaw ID Overview 


Once you are signed in, you will be able to access the Subscription section which shows a customized view of the additional On Demand services to which you subscribe. If you have a subscription to additional services like Movie Central On Demand or Super Channel On Demand, this is where you will find the titles available from those packages.

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How to navigate the Shaw On Demand app

The Shaw On Demand Search App offers a simplified interface that is divided into five sections including Movies, TV, Subscription, Search and More.


Shaw On Demand Search App Navigation

Navigation within each section is touch driven and displays content in a number of interactive ways. Movies (as shown below) displays featured titles at the top of the screen with additional listing below. The page scrolls down to reveal additional listings and can be swiped left to reveal additional titles in each area (see arrows indicating areas which scroll or shift).


Shaw On Demand Search App for iPhone > Movies

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How to search on the Shaw on Demand app on your iPhone

If you are looking for a specific movie or TV show, the Search feature will be the fastest way to navigate the vast collection of titles available with Shaw On Demand.

  1. Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen to be presented with a keyboard and search field.
  2. Enter the title into the search field
  3. Tap the Search button on the lower right side of the keyboard (highlighted below). Shaw On Demand Search App search bar
  4. You will now be shown a list of corresponding search results and you can tap on the title of your choosing to be presented with additional information and ordering options.


Shaw On Demand Search App search tab

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How to order a title

The Shaw On Demand Search App allows you the convenience of not only a simple and interactive view of the Shaw On Demand library, but also the ability to order a title and have it waiting in the My Orders menu on your Digital Cable Box.

  1. Once you have found a title you would like to order, tap on it to reveal additional information including a synopsis, rating, cast information, pricing and the Order Now button (shown below). Shaw On Demand Search App title information
  2. To access the order screen, tap the Order Now button. From the order screen you will have the ability to designate your choice of either the Standard or High Definition version of the title (if available).
  3. With your selection in place, tap the Complete Order button as highlighted below.


Shaw On Demand Search App complete order

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If at any point you come across a title you would like to recall at a later date, tap on the title and then tap on the wishlist icon presented on the info screen (highlighted below). The title will be added to your Wishlist. The Wishlists feature is great for creating a list of titles that you may want to order in the future.

Shaw On Demand Search App wish lists

To view your Wishlist:

  1. Tap on the More button at the bottom left of your device screen. You will be presented will a list of additional selections including Wishlist, Orders, Settings and Help.
  2. Tap Wishlist to view your Wishlist entries, tap on any entries to begin the order process.

Shaw On Demand Search App wishlist

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Multicultural Section / French Language Selection

To access the Multicultural movie selection on the Shaw on Demand Search app, simply tap the More icon on the navigation panel at the bottom of the screen, then select Multucultural, seen below.


Shaw On Demand Search App multicultural


When you select the Multicultural option from the menu, you will be presented with a list of languages, with a few select titles listed below each one. To see all titles for that language, select the More icon.


French Language Selection


The Shaw On Demand Search App also supports the French language. To change your settings so that the interface appears in French, tap the More icon on the navigation panel on the bottom of the screen,then choose Settings. Scroll down to the Language header, then choose French.


Shaw On Demand Search App > French Language

Please note, this change only affects the Shaw On Demand Search apps interface, and not the description of the videos.

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