Samsung Smart TV - Connecting to Wireless Networks

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Some new and recent models of Samsung televisions are capable of connecting to a wireless network to access additional content from the internet. If you have a Samsung TV that is wireless-ready, please see the following instructions for assistance in connecting your TV to your Shaw wireless internet service.



Setup WiFi on Your TV


The videos are based on the model year of the TV, so please select the video that best matches the year your TV was purchased or manufactured. During the playback, the host will make mention of the possibility of a network or wireless password that you will need to enter to connect the TV to your wireless network. The credentials, including the network name (SSID) and the password (called the Pre-Shared Key or Passphrase), are printed on a sticker affixed to your wireless modem (illustrated below).


Setup wifi on your Samsung Smart TV

If you have customized your network name (SSID) and password and can no longer remember the login credentials you will need to restore your Wireless Modem to the default settings


If you need additional assistance in connecting your Samsung TV to a wireless connection, please refer to the manufacturers included user manual or click here to visit Samsung Support.




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