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Two options exist for setting up your Shaw email account on your mobile device or email client, POP/SMTP and IMAP. Each setup method has its advantages and handles your email in a different way. Check the details below for more information.


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If you're looking for assistance in setting up email on your personal computer, laptop or smart device, you can find more information at the following link: Email Setup


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POP/SMTP Settings


POP/SMTP servers enable your device to send and receive email, using your Shaw email account, without affecting the contents of Webmail (effectively working from a second copy). Emails that you receive on your device will, by default, remain in Webmail even if they have been deleted from your device's inbox. Emails which are sent from your device will be kept in the sent folder on your device, but will not appear in Webmail’s sent folder. To enable expanded syncing and online features like the calendar, contacts or reminders, please use Microsoft Exchange whenever possible (explained above).



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IMAP works with your mail content on Shaw's servers. Moving, sending, or deleting tasks are performed on the server so your other devices and Shaw Webmail are kept in sync. A small cache (copy) of your email is kept on your device limiting off-line access. IMAP is best for users who want to be able to access their Shaw email account through multiple devices and Webmail.




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