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Use Shaw’s Centre Ice TV schedule to find out which NHL games are on tonight. Every game is a home game with NHL Centre Ice. The NHL TV Schedule is updated weekly making it a snap to find the time and channel to watch your favourite team. Be there for puck drop every time your team takes to the ice.


NOTICE: This schedule is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change without prior given notice, please verify the latest information from within your Digital Cable box guide. All games scheduled, including channel numbers and game times provided within this document are tentative.


For information on ordering NHL Centre Ice, see NHL Centre Ice returns for the 2018/2019 season.

NHL Centre Ice requires MPEG-4 compatible hardware. See NHL Centre Ice Availability for a detailed list of eligible hardware.   



Updated: December 14, 2018


DayDateVisitorHomeTime (ET)BlueSky TV Channel #Non BlueSky TV Channel #
FriDec 14Las VegasNew Jersey7:00 PM624353
FriDec 14ArizonaNew York Rangers7:00 PM625354
FriDec 14OttawaDetroit7:30 PM622351
FriDec 14WashingtonCarolina7:30 PM626355
FriDec 14ColoradoSt. Louis8:00 PM627356
FriDec 14WinnipegChicago8:30 PM623352
FriDec 14PhiladelphiaEdmonton9:00 PM621350
SatDec 15CalgaryMinnesota1:30 PM621350
SatDec 15DetroitNew York Islanders7:00 PM621350
SatDec 15Los AngelesPittsburgh7:00 PM622351
SatDec 15BuffaloWashington7:00 PM623352
SatDec 15AnaheimColumbus7:00 PM624353
SatDec 15New JerseyNashville8:00 PM625354
SatDec 15DallasColorado9:00 PM626355
SunDec 16Las VegasNew York Rangers12:30 PM622351
SunDec 16ArizonaCarolina1:00 PM623352
SunDec 16CalgarySt. Louis3:00 PM621350
SunDec 16BuffaloBoston5:00 PM624353
SunDec 16San JoseChicago7:00 PM622351
SunDec 16EdmontonVancouver10:00 PM621350
MonDec 17Las VegasColumbus7:00 PM622351
MonDec 17BostonMontreal7:30 PM623352
MonDec 17NashvilleOttawa7:30 PM621350
MonDec 17New York IslandersColorado9:00 PM624353
TuesDec 18FloridaBuffalo7:00 PM625354
TuesDec 18TorontoNew Jersey7:00 PM622351
TuesDec 18AnaheimNew York Rangers7:00 PM626355
TuesDec 18DetroitPhiladelphia7:00 PM627356
TuesDec 18San JoseMinnesota8:00 PM628357
TuesDec 18NashvilleChicago8:30 PM629358
TuesDec 18CalgaryDallas8:30 PM623352
TuesDec 18New York IslandersArizona9:00 PM630359
TuesDec 18Tampa BayVancouver10:00 PM621350
TuesDec 18WinnipegLos Angeles10:30 PM624353
WedDec 19PittsburghWashington8:00 PM621350
ThuDec 20FloridaToronto7:00 PM624353
ThuDec 20NashvillePhiladelphia7:00 PM626355
ThuDec 20MinnesotaPittsburgh7:00 PM627356
ThuDec 20DetroitCarolina7:00 PM628357
ThuDec 20New JerseyColumbus7:00 PM629358
ThuDec 20ChicagoDallas8:30 PM630359
ThuDec 20Tampa BayCalgary9:00 PM623352
ThuDec 20MontrealArizona9:00 PM625354
ThuDec 20St. LouisVancouver10:00 PM621350
ThuDec 20WinnipegSan Jose10:30 PM622351
FriDec 21OttawaNew Jersey7:00 PM621350
FriDec 21ChicagoColorado9:00 PM622351
SatDec 22ColumbusPhiladelphia1:00 PM622351
SatDec 22FloridaDetroit2:00 PM624353
SatDec 22St. LouisCalgary4:00 PM621350
SatDec 22MontrealLas Vegas4:00 PM625354
SatDec 22AnaheimBuffalo7:00 PM623352
SatDec 22PittsburghCarolina7:00 PM622351
SatDec 22ColoradoArizona7:00 PM624353
SatDec 22DallasMinnesota8:00 PM627356
SunDec 23PhiladelphiaNew York Rangers7:00 PM622351
SunDec 23FloridaChicago7:00 PM623352
SunDec 23New York IslandersDallas8:00 PM624353
SunDec 23Los AngelesLas Vegas8:00 PM625354
SunDec 23ArizonaSan Jose8:00 PM626355
ThuDec 27ColumbusNew York Rangers7:00 PM625354
ThuDec 27DetroitPittsburgh7:00 PM623352
ThuDec 27CarolinaWashington7:00 PM624353
ThuDec 27PhiladelphiaTampa Bay7:30 PM626355
ThuDec 27BuffaloSt. Louis8:00 PM627356
ThuDec 27DallasNashville8:00 PM628357
ThuDec 27CalgaryWinnipeg8:00 PM621350
ThuDec 27MinnesotaChicago8:30 PM629358
ThuDec 27ColoradoLas Vegas10:00 PM622351
ThuDec 27ArizonaLos Angeles10:30 PM623352
ThuDec 27AnaheimSan Jose10:30 PM624353
FriDec 28MontrealFlorida7:00 PM623352
FriDec 28OttawaNew York Islanders7:00 PM621350
FriDec 28TorontoColumbus7:00 PM622351
SatDec 29MinnesotaWinnipeg4:00 PM622351
SatDec 29San JoseEdmonton4:00 PM621350
SatDec 29Las VegasLos Angeles4:00 PM624353
SatDec 29BostonBuffalo7:00 PM623352
SatDec 29PhiladelphiaFlorida7:00 PM625354
SatDec 29PittsburghSt. Louis8:00 PM626355
SatDec 29New York RangersNashville8:00 PM627356
SatDec 29DetroitDallas8:00 PM628357
SatDec 29ChicagoColorado9:00 PM621350
SatDec 29ArizonaAnaheim10:00 PM622351
MonDec 31VancouverNew Jersey1:00 PM621350
MonDec 31New York IslandersBuffalo6:00 PM625354
MonDec 31PhiladelphiaCarolina6:00 PM626355
MonDec 31OttawaColumbus7:00 PM623352
MonDec 31New York RangersSt. Louis7:00 PM627356
MonDec 31FloridaDetroit7:30 PM628357
MonDec 31Los AngelesColorado8:00 PM629358
MonDec 31MontrealDallas8:00 PM624353
MonDec 31WinnipegEdmonton9:00 PM621350
MonDec 31Tampa BayAnaheim9:00 PM622351


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