How to Report Spam and Adjust the Webmail Spam Filter

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This document will explain how to modify your spam mail filtering settings in Webmail, as well as how you can report any spam messages through the Webmail client, or by forwarding the message to Shaw's spam mailbox.


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Reporting Spam through Webmail

Reporting Spam via Forwarding

Adjusting Webmail Spam Settings



Reporting Spam through Webmail


You can report spam through Webmail by simply clicking on the Spam button at the top of the page once you have selected the email that you wish to report. 


reporting spam through shaw webmail


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Reporting Spam via Forwarding


If you are accessing your email through a third party mail program, you can report spam by forwarding the email to, if you would like to report that a message is being incorrectly identified as spam, please send to Please include the email headers in the email that you forward to us when reporting spam or not spam. This will assist us in preventing spam from reaching you in the future.


Click here to find out how to forward your email with headers included


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Adjusting Spam Settings

Through Webmail you are able to adjust your spam mail options. These options include discarding messages immediately so they will not appear in your trash folder, labeling messages as spam and leaving them in your inbox, or labeling spam messages and moving them to the junk folder. To adjust your spam mail options:


  1. Login to your webmail account at
  2. Click on Preferences on the top right hand side of the page
  3. Select Spam on the left
  4. Choose your preferred settings, then click Save


Click here for more information on adjusting your spam, and other filter settings in Webmail



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