Shaw TV Troubleshooting FAQs

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Learn more about fixing TV issues from picture concerns and guide settings to finding channel listings and remote control issues with our TV troubleshooting FAQs.


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Shaw TV Troubleshooting FAQs

I’m not getting a signal on my TV. What should I do?
The No Signal, No Source or No Input message will appear on your television screen when the television is not receiving a signal from your Digital Box. This is often a result of either the Digital Box being powered off, not being properly connected to the TV, or if the TV is set to the wrong input. Check out these most common fixes to address the loss of TV signal.


My TV digital (cable) box will not power on.
This could be a result of a number of different issues. Try power cycling your digital box:

  1. Unplug the power cord (of your cable box) from the wall or from the power bar.
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. The PVR/Digital Box will be reset.


If you find that your digital box is still not powering on please try one of these solutions.


My digital box doesn’t respond to my remote.

  1. Try powering on the Digital Box with the physical power button located on the front of the cable box.
  2. If the digital box turns on and you can see programming on your TV:
    • Ensure that nothing is blocking your remote’s signal from the TV
    • Check to see that your remote is set to the correct input
    • Ensure that the batteries are working and properly installed
  3. Try reprogramming your remote. See How to program your Shaw remote for additional details.


How do I program my Shaw remote?
First you will need to determine which remote control that you have. Once you know which remote that you have, visit: How to program your Shaw remote control for instructions to program your remote control.


For BlueSky TV customers, see: Troubleshooting BlueSky TV remote control issues


How do I get a new/replacement Shaw remote control?

  1. Identify the type of remote that you have:
    • CHAMP Remote
    • CHAMPION Remote
    • GATEWAY Remote
    • DVS Remote
  2. Contact Us to have a replacement control mailed out to you. Note: When mailed out, unless under warranty there will be a $14.95* + tax charge for a replacement remote control.

* Currently this option is not applicable to BlueSky TV remote controls.


I’m getting a One Moment Please error (Ref Code: S0a00).
The one moment please (Ref code: s0a00) message will appear on your TV when the Digital Box has stopped receiving the proper signal required in order to display that channel. This can occur either on all channels, or just individual ones. To correct this issue:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the back of the Digital Box
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect the power cable
  4. After a few moments you can power the Digital Box back on and test it


For additional troubleshooting options please see: One Moment Please Error (Ref Code: s0a00)

I cannot access Shaw On Demand programming.
Error messages which appear when you are trying to access Shaw On Demand or not being able to access your chosen content in Shaw On Demand may be due to a variety of factors. Please visit: Troubleshooting Shaw On Demand errors for common troubleshooting solutions.


I’m not getting any sound/audio from my TV.
If you are unable to hear the audio track of the program you are currently watching, it may be due to the TV being on mute, SAP/MTS being enabled, incorrect TV input or issues with the audio settings of your digital box.


Quite often the quickest fix can be to power cycle your equipment. This involves turning off your equipment, unplugging the device, waiting 30 seconds, plug the device back in and turn the device back on.


For additional troubleshooting tips please see: How to troubleshoot audio issues with your TV and cable box.


How can I see channel listings for my area?
You can view channel listings for your area by going to: and entering your location. Additional information:


How can I view the channels that are part of my current TV package?
You can view your channel listings through My Shaw or via the My Shaw app:

  1. Open the My Shaw app on your mobile device
  2. Under the TV section select Manage TV & FreeRange TV
  3. Under TV Settings select My Channel List


For other options, please see: How to view my Shaw channel listings.

Where can I find a list of Shaw channel packages?
You can customize your TV experience by adding theme packs, premium channels and individual channels to personalize your package by visiting:


What is BlueSky TV?
BlueSky TV is the new TV experience being offered by Shaw. Powered by Comcast’s X1 platform, BlueSky TV offers a TV experience like no other in Canada. With a voice activated remote, enhanced menus and smart search capabilities. BlueSky TV consists of a new cable box, portal and voice-remote. Learn more about BlueSky TV with our BlueSky TV FAQs.


How can I get Crave?
Shaw TV subscribers can now sign up for Crave, and access it's content through, the Crave mobile app, On Demand, and the Shaw FreeRange TV - App. Shaw TV subscribers can sign up for Crave by contacting us, or can choose to subscribe using and My Shaw. Once subscribed to Crave it will appear directly on your Shaw bill alongside your other services.


For additional detail, please see: Access Crave with Shaw


How do I set Parental Controls on my TV/digital box?
By configuring the Parental Control Settings on your digital box, you can control what kinds of programming your family has access to and can limit what kind of content can be viewed by individuals who do not have access to the PIN (Password). Setting Parental Controls will vary depending on which cable box you have. Please see: How to set Parental Controls on your digital box for additional details.

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