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Starting June 3, 2013, Shaw will begin installing new firmware on all DOCSIS 3.0 DPC3825 WiFi modems. During this time, you may briefly lose Internet connectivity while the update is applied to your modem. Please see the details below for additional information.

DOCSIS 3.0 DPC3825 shaw modem

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When will the firmware update happen?

What am I going to experience while the firmware update is occurring?

What is the purpose of the firmware update?





When will the firmware update happen?

Updates will begin on June 3, 2013, between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. MDT, and will occur throughout the month from Monday through Thursday each week.



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What am I going to experience while the firmware upgrade is occurring

While the firmware update is occurring, you will notice your modem go offline and Internet connectivity will temporarily be lost. After the new firmware has been downloaded, your modem will come back online. Your modem will then reboot once again to finish the installation. Once your modem has come back online again, the firmware update will be complete.


This process should last no longer than 10 minutes in total for each DPC3825 modem in the household.


Additional Note: Customized settings, such as unique SSID network name, password, etc., will be retained throughout this update. This means you will not need to readjust these settings to match your preferences.


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What is the purpose of the firmware update


The new version of firmware for the DPC3825 devices offers the following improvements:

  • Customers will now be able to use WiFi range extenders with this device
  • The wireless channel width will no longer change to 20MHz each time “Save Settings” is selected on the device
  • Customers’ iPads and iPhones will no longer experience a reset when using the PPTV Chinese Television app
  • Switching between wired (bridged) and wireless (gateway) mode must now be completed by a Shaw representative



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If you are experiencing any issues with your Internet connection after this update, please follow the steps listed in our wireless connection troubleshooting guide, found here: Wireless Connectivity Troubleshooting

If you have any feedback regarding this firmware upgrade, please contact a Shaw representative. For contact details, please see Contact Us



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