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Shaw's Prepaid Calling Plan is a “calling card”-like service for customers who want to either place international calls (outside of Canada and the US), or who want discounted long distance rates when away from home or for a cell phone.


The Prepaid Calling Plan has a number of benefits, including:

  • No sign up, connection or hidden fees
  • Use the service with your Shaw Digital Phone or another provider
  • Up to 8 phone numbers may be registered to an account
  • Great long distance rates when away from home


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Calling from Registered Phone Number

Calling from Unregistered Phone Number

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Create an Account

To set up an Shaw Prepaid Calling Plan account:


  1. Visit the Goldline sign up page
  2. Select Sign up Now
  3. Enter your primary phone number in the provided field, then hit Submit
  4. Fill out the account creation form with the required information
  5. Select the amount that you would like to load onto the account ($10, $20 or $50)
  6. Enter your credit card details
  7. Hit Submit



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Calling from a Registered Phone Number


This is the main phone number registered with your account, and up to eight numbers can be registered in total. When you call from a registered phone number you will not be prompted to enter your PIN.


  1. Dial your access number from any registered phone (see access numbers below)
  2. Listen to your account balance
  3. Dial your destination number
      • For calls within Canada and the USA: Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone Number
      • For International Calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number



Dialing From:Access Number:
Calgary403 - 705 - 2034
Edmonton1 - 866 - 299 - 0583
Vancouver604 - 638 - 8226
Victoria250 - 388 - 1244
Rest of British Columbia1 - 866 - 299 - 0626
Winnipeg1 - 866 - 299 - 0515



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Calling from an Unregistered Phone Number


When you call from an unregistered phone number you will be prompted to enter your 11 digit PIN.


  1. Dial the non-registered access number from any phone (see access numbers below)
  2. Enter your PIN that you received when setting up your account
  3. Listen to your account balance
  4. Dial your destination number
      • For calls within Canada and the USA: Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone Number
      • For International Calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number


Non-Registered Access Numbers - CANADA

Dialing From:Access Number:Dialing From:Access Number:
Barrie705 - 792 - 2280Quebec City418 - 210 - 2052
Calgary403 - 313 - 3188Toronto416 - 642 - 8026
Edmonton780 - 702 - 3307Vancouver604 - 638 - 0372
Guelph519 - 341 - 0328Victoria250 - 388 - 7429
Halifax902 - 442 - 3005Winnipeg204 - 977 - 3582
Kingston613 - 548 - 6168Rest of B.C1 - 866 - 299 - 0628*
London519 - 963 - 0140Rest of Ontario1 - 800 - 223 - 5516*
Montreal514 - 908 - 4465Rest of Quebec1 - 877 - 800 - 6735*
Niagra Falls905 - 358 - 1220Rest of Canada1 - 800 - 362 - 7164*
Ottawa613 - 688 - 3382USA1 - 888 - 628 - 8917*


Non-Registered Access Numbers -INTERNATIONAL

Dialing From:Access Number:Dialing From:Access Number:
Australia0011 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*South Korea
Isreal1 - 800 - 949 - 0171*
  • Da Com
002 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*
  • Korea Tel
001 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*
  • IDC
001 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*Thailand001 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*
  • Japan Tel
0041 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*USA1 - 888 - 628 - 8917*
  • KDDI
0061 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*Dial 00 - 800 - 1002 - 1002* from:
  • NTT
0034 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*

Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

Singapore001 - 800 - 1002 - 1002*





*Shaw cannot guarantee access from everywhere in the country. Some public phones may require coins or calling cards to dial access numbers. Some hotels, airports and cellular phone companies may not allow the use of phone cards and may add a surcharge for this service. A surcharge may occur from certain pay phones. Toll charges apply and may vary per country.



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Frequently Asked Question

General FAQ

Activating Phone Numbers FAQ

Rates FAQ

Balance and Recharge FAQ

Contact Info


General FAQ


How is the Shaw Prepaid Calling Plan different than other long distance providers and calling cards that I have used?

Unlike other calling cards and long distance providers, the card and service are designed to save you money on long distance calls made on your cellular, office and home phones. This service does not replace your existing cellular and local calling plans; it simply allows you to stop paying the high long distance rates charged by your cellular and local long distance provider.


Do I need a special phone to use?

No. You do not require special equipment of any kind.


Do I require a PIN to use my account?

You are not required to use your PIN when placing a call from a registered phone number. If you are making a call from a non-activated phone number, or from an activated phone but you are outside of the local calling area, you will be required to enter your PIN.


Can I change my PIN?

No. You can only change your PIN if there are security concerns associated with using the number. The new PIN will be a computer generated PIN. For security purposes, you can not choose your own PIN number.


What happens if I forget my PIN?

Contact customer support at 1-866-459-6740.


Do I have to cancel existing services before my account will work?

When you use the plan, our system knows you are a customer by recognizing any of your activated phone numbers each time you dial into the service. If you have the Call ID Blocking feature on any of the activated lines, you will have to disable that feature in order to use your account or alternatively keep the Call Blocking service active and use your PIN. If you are unsure of how to disable this feature, please contact your cellular provider or refer to your phone manual.


Are there any contracts or agreements to sign?

No. You are not required to sign any contracts or agreements.


What happens if I loose my access number?

Click on the link to the Prepaid Calling Plan on for a list of access numbers.


Will I be able to use the address book or scroll features on my cellular phone to make long distance calls?

Yes, the address book feature should work with this service, on all phones. To use it you will need to program a separate entry for each destination number you would like to call. Each entry will include the access number for the city you are making the call from, a pause and 1 + the area code and destination number of the persona you are calling.


For example, if you are making a call from Toronto, your entry will look something like this: 416-642-8023-PAUSE-1-514-555-1234.  If you are unsure how to program pauses into your phone, please refer to your phone manual. Pause may also be referred to as "space" or "link mark."



Activating Phone Numbers FAQ


What is a primary phone number?

The primary phone number is the main phone number that you wish your account to be identified with (also referred to as your Shaw Prepaid Phone Plan account number)


How many phone numbers can I register to my account?

You can activate up to 8 separate phone numbers on each account. The 8 phone numbers are comprised of your primary phone number, and up to 7 additional phone numbers that you choose. Phone numbers can be any combination of personal, cellular, residential and business lines.


How do I change one or more of my registered phone numbers?

You can retrieve your account information online to add or delete activated phone numbers. However, for security and protection, if you wish to change your primary phone number (account number), you will need to contact customer service at 1-866-459-6740.


Can I use my account to make calls from phone numbers that are not activated?

Yes. You can make long distance calls from non-activated phone numbers. Please see the section above entitled "Calling from an Unregistered Phone Number"



Rates FAQ


Where can I check the most current domestic and international rates?

You can check rates online by clicking here.


What are the rates if I call a cellular phone overseas?

For rates to cellular phones overseas, please click here.


Will I still get charged for minute usage from my cellular provider?

Yes. Placing a long distance call will use your airtime on your cellular plan, but you will not be charged any long distance charges from your cellular provider.


Are there any hidden fees associated with this service?

There are no hidden fees!!



Balance and Recharge FAQ


How long will it take before my account is available for use?

Your account will be available for use immediately after you activate the service.


How do I recharge my account?

Online, call our customer care team or visit a Shaw retail outlet.


Can I have the charges billed to my Shaw bill?

No. Payment must be made using a credit card.


Can I make my payments by cash, cheque or debit?

No. Payment must be made using a credit card.


Does my account balance ever expire?

Your account and account balance will expire two years after last use. This means that if your account is not used within a two year period, it will expire and cannot be used again.


How do I check my account balance?

Each time you use the service, you will be given your balance before your call is connected.


How do I get a refund?

Please contact Customer Support at 1-866-459-6740.

You will need to confirm your Primary / Account number, your name and the credit card used.




Contact Info


Shaw Prepaid Calling Plan Website: Click here*

    * If this page is not displaying for you, you may need to clear your Internet browser cache.


Contact Customer Support by Phone: 1-866-459-6740



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