Connect to an Unsecured WiFi Network

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Some wireless networks are listed as being open or unsecured, which means that you are able to connect your devices to them without needing a password, or having to go through an authentication process.


If you are in proximity to a wireless network that is listed as open you can connect to it by opening your wireless network options on your device and selecting the network. Once you have opted to connect to this network there should be no further requirement. Provided you are within range of the network your device should connect within a few seconds, and you will be able to access the Internet through the open network.


The method for viewing available wireless networks in your area varies depending on device. Below you will find general information on how to do this on a mobile device (smart phone, tablet) and on a PC or laptop.

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Connect on a Mobile Device

Connect on a PC or Laptop




Connect on a Mobile Device


  1. Open your Settings menu on your device
  2. Select the WiFi or Wireless Settings option
  3. Tap the open network that you would like to join


You can often identify an open network as it will not have a padlock icon displayed next to the network name.


Android ExampleiPhone/iPad Example
Unsecured Connect Android DeviceUnsecured Connect iOS Device



More information about connecting to wireless networks on your specific mobile device can be found here:
Smart Phone Guides


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Connect on a PC or Laptop


On most Windows computers you will be able to access a list of wireless networks by clicking the wireless connections icon on the right hand side of your computers task bar. Once clicked a list of available networks will be displayed and you can select the network that you would like to join.


Windows Wireless Connection Icon

No WiFi Icon



On most Macintosh computers you will need to click on the wireless network icon at the top of your screen, which will cause a drop-down box to appear with a list of the wireless networks that are available in your area. Select the network that you would like to join.


Mac Wireless Connection Icon

Mac Wireless Connection Icon



More information about connecting to wireless networks on your PC or laptop can be found here: Wireless Device Quick Setup Guide



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