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The McAfee Site Advisor is a free service that comes with your Shaw Secure powered by McAfee software. Site Advisor prompts you when you are about to visit a malicious or dangerous website so that you can avoid potentially compromising your computers safety.


Occasionally, a site that you believe is malicious is not tagged as such by the Site Advisor. If you come across one of these websites and would like to submit it to McAfee for review so that it can be added to the Site Advisors database, you can find the details on how to do this below.



Using the SiteAdvisor


  1. When you see a listing in your search results that you think may be malicious, simply click on the McAfee Site Advisor icon (green check mark) to bring up the site report. Click Read Site Report to see more details and to request a review.



Submit a Website Review to McAfee Site Advisor



  1. You will be able to review existing information on this website at this point. Click Request a Review.


McAfee Site Advisor suggest a website to review



  1. Fill out the requested information, including your suggested rating, a category and some comments and then submit the request. The process will now be completed and McAfee will receive your request for review.



McAfee Site Advisor tagged




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