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The Shaw Go WiFi Finder App allows you to find local Shaw Go WiFi hotspots directly from your smartphone or tablet. With specific apps for Android and iOS platforms, finding and navigating to the nearest WiFi hotspot is as simple as launching the app and allowing it to determine your location.




Please visit Shaw Go WiFi Finder App to download the app for your device

Update App:

Ensure your app is updated to the latest version by visiting the Apple App store or Google Play.



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What's New?

Using the App

Connect to a WiFi Hotspot

Troubleshooting and FAQ



What's New?


New features include:

  • Brand new interface for iOS 7 & 8
  • Support for new iPhone screen sizes
  • Choose which offline data you want to install
  • Get directions right in your favourite apps
  • Refine search results by type, category, or keyword
  • Map pin clustering for better performance and a cleaner look
  • Searches are quicker to return results
  • Real time distance information (e.g. 2 minutes walk away)
  • Real time results, so you can see places as you type
  • Search history that remembers your frequently searched places
  • Full support for 64-bit devices
  • View places in Google Street View if you have Google Maps installed
  • View nearby locations grouped by site type



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Using the App


To find hotspots in your area, simply open the Shaw Go WiFi Finder app and you will see a map of all hotspots in your area (see below). Available hotspots will show up as pins on the map. To centre the app on your location, tap the Centre on Location icon. This will use GPS information from your phone to show you which hotspots are closest to where you are currently located. To switch from map view to list view, simply tap the List Locations icon.


Once you have located a hotspot that you would like to use, you can access directions to this hotspot by tapping on the pin or location in your list, then on the Get Directions icon.


Additional app settings include the ability to create a favourites list by tapping on the Favourites icon when viewing a location, the search feature which allows you to look for a specific hotspot, and the categories feature, which allows you to limit the results you see to select categories including Cafes, Gas, Hotel, Parks and more.



Android Shaw Go WiFi Finder
Shaw Go WiFi Finder App on AndroidShaw Go WiFi Finder App on Android legend



iOS Shaw Go WiFi Finder
Shaw Go WiFi Finder App on iOSShaw Go WiFi Finder App on iOS legend



See More Details
To see additional information about a Go WiFi hotspot, simply tap one of the pins on the map, and then tap the name of that location. Here you will be able to see details including the address of the WiFi hotspot, distance from your current location, the type of site that it is (shopping centre, restaurant, cafe, etc, contact phone number, and website of the site, if applicable.



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Connect to a WiFi Hotspot


The Shaw Go WiFi Finder app also allows you to setup your smart phone or tablet on the Shaw Go WiFi network through Easy Device Registration. This service will set your device up to automatically connect to Shaw Go WiFi hotspots so that the next time you enter one you will be connected right away.


For details, please see: How to Connect to a Shaw Go WiFi Hotspot



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Troubleshooting and FAQ


I would like to report a faulty hotspot

If you appear to be connected but cannot access the Internet, move to another Shaw Go WiFi hotspot and report the location of the faulty hotspot by submitting feedback through the WiFi Finder app, or by calling Technical Support team at 1-855-877-WIFI (9434).


How can I manage my Shaw Email account

If you can connect to the access point but don't have an email address or have forgotten the password, visit My Account to manage your email address and password.


How to Create a New Shaw Email Address

Shaw Account Settings (My Account)


I am unable to auto-authenticate to a WiFi hotspot

You may be unable to authenticate to the network if you have exceeded the number of devices you can connect to Shaw Go WiFi on your account. The number of devices you are able to connect depends on the Internet plan to which you have subscribed. 

Click here for more information


The sign in page continues to display after I have signed in

On certain Android devices the sign in page will continue to display, even after you have successfully signed in. If this occurs, you can go into your WiFi settings menu and forget the ShawOpen network. When you reconnect to ShawOpen you should no longer be prompted with the sign in page and will able to access the web.


I can't sign in to the Shaw Go WiFi Network

If your device has cookies disabled, you may not be able to sign in to the Shaw Go WiFi network. You can re-enable cookies through your mobile devices settings menu, or through your computer's Internet browser settings.


I am unable to see all WiFi hotspots

If not all of the WiFi hotspots are displaying through the app it's possible that they may have been filtered. To clear your filters, tap the filters icon and then select show all.


I am unable to see all cities in list view

When online with Internet access, the list view displays the same hotspots that are displayed currently in the map view.


Which of my devices are compatible with Easy Device Registration

Easy Device Registration is compatible with any device that has a browser and WiFi capabilities, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


I would like to request a new Shaw Go WiFi hotspot. How can I do this

To request a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot, email your suggestion to Please include the following details about the location you would like to suggest:


    Street Address:

    City, Province:




If I have allowed a friend to register their device on my account, what would I need to do in order to remove that device?

You can manage which devices are allowed to connect to Shaw Go WiFi through your Shaw account in My Account.


Click here for more information


How can I submit feedback on the app

You can submit feedback through the app itself. Simply open the menu and select About, then tap Send Us Feedback. After submitting feedback through the app, you will receive an email auto-reply message confirming that your feedback was received, and providing a link to this self-help documentation.


You can also share feedback through the Community forums. To view active topics, or to create a new discussion in the WiFi forum, click here.

Which version of Android, iOS, or BlackBerry do I need to use this app?

iOS version 7.0 or higher

Android version 4.0 or higher

Blackberry 7 *



* Please note that Shaw Go WiFi Finder 2.0 is the most recent version for Blackberry.


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