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Shaw Secure 12.8 is a new updated version of Shaw Secure available to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users (excluding Windows Phone and RT) which has been designed to accommodate touch screen environments.


Along with the new touch capable interface, version 12.8 provides a variety of new updates and features, as well as provides significant improvements in performance and detection effectiveness.


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Update to Shaw Secure 12.8

Install Shaw Secure for the First Time

Shaw Secure 12.8 Features

Scheduled Scans

Parental Controls



Update to Shaw Secure 12.8


Starting October 7th, 2013 Shaw Secure users who are on a Windows 8 machine will automatically receive the update the next time they turn on their PC. Once the update has completed a pop-up confirming completion and requesting PC restart will appear.  Simply allow your PC to restart so the update can finish installation, and Shaw Secure 12.8 will be ready for use. Shaw Secure 12.8 is currently only available to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users (excluding RT and Windows Phone)


If this prompt has not appeared, you can automatically search for the update through your Shaw Secure settings. To do this:


  1. Open Shaw Secure powered by McAfee on your PC
  2. Click on the Updates section on the main screen
  3. Select Check for updates
  4. The updater will now run and begin installation of Shaw Secure 12.8



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Install Shaw Secure for the First Time


If you would like to install Shaw Secure, you can find fully detailed steps at the following link:

Installing McAfee Internet Security


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Shaw Secure 12.8 Features


Shaw Secure 12.8 features include a number of new features, including SiteAdvisor Social and the Vulnerability Scanner, as well as enhancements to pre-existing features such as the Anti Spam tool.


Shaw Secure Update 12.8 features




New Features

Redesigned Interface

The new Shaw Secure 12.8 interface supports touch friendly devices, and has been redesigned to ensure fast and easy navigation to all of the features offered.

SiteAdvisor Social

SiteAdvisor can now scan popular social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ , and provide you with real-time analysis of suspicious materials by adding colour-coded risk ratings next to links.

Vulnerability Scanner

The vulnerability scanner finds and installs the latest software updates for Windows and your programs - so your PC stays safe and up to date.



Enhanced Features


The anti-spam engine now leverages McAfee Labs characteristics (from 6-12 additional determination factors) to determine whether an email is spam/phishing or not.

NetGuard Anti-Bot Protection

NetGuard leverages McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to learn if a desired IP destination is dangerous, and blocks connections that are risky and may be related to botnet activity. Simply clicking "More" offers users more information on why the block occurred.

Firewall Leak Protection

The Shaw Secure powered by McAfee firewall has been updated with improved guards against leaks and leak detection apps.

Safe URL Sharing

Safely and easily share interesting and entertaining content on social networks, providing web links that friends can click with confidence. If a link becomes risky before a user clicks, friends will be warned and protected.

URL Shortener

Integrated URL shortening service lets users embed brief, trustworthy URLs


Redesigned with improved user experience. QuickClean can now run in the background, report on space reclaimed, clean more items than before, and clean all browser history files.



Additional Features

Virus and Spyware Protection

From this option you can run quick and full scans on your device to locate and remove viruses and spyware that may be a threat to your PC. You can also setup scheduled scans which will automatically begin at set intervals.

Click here for additional details on setting up a scheduled scan in Shaw Secure 12.8

Data Protection and Backup

Includes access to the Shredder tool, which helps protect your privacy by letting you permanently eliminate files that contain sensitive information

PC and Home Network Tools

Contains the QuickClean tool, which helps improve your PC's performance by letting you erase unnecessary files, such as old ActiveX programs. Also includes the My Home Network tool and the Vulnerability Scanner.

Parental Controls

Allows you to setup parental controls so that you can restrict the types of content that is accessible by select users on your PC.

Click here for additional details on setting up parental controls in Shaw Secure 12.8


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Scheduled Scans


Setting scheduled scans is one of the best ways you can ensure the protection of your PC from malicious activity, including viruses and spyware.  To setup scheduled scans on your computer:


  1. Open Shaw Secure 12.8 on your computer
  2. Select Virus and Spyware Protection
  3. Choose Scheduled Scans
  4. Select Schedule Your Scan
  5. Input your schedule preferences:
      1. Select a Schedule, or
      2. Create my own scan schedule
  6. Once you have chosen your scheduled scan preferences, select Apply
  7. You can also choose to exclude certain files and folders from the scan by selecting the Exclude Files and Folders option from within the Scheduled Scans menu


Shaw Secure Update scheduled scan


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Setup Parental Controls


To setup parental controls on Shaw Secure 12.8:


  1. Open Shaw Secure 12.8 on your computer
  2. Select Parental Controls from the right hand side of the start screen
  3. You will need to create an administrator password before you are able to choose your parental controls. Select Set next to Administrator Password
  4. Create your password and a password hint to help you remember if you loose or forget it
  5. Windows 8 users that are setup on your machine will now be listed vertically. Select the user that you would like to restrict by choosing Protect
  6. Select your preferred restrictions by choosing:
      1. Select the child's age range from the available drop down list to generate a list of allowed and blocked content
      2. Confirm the features that are allowed and blocked. You can change the status of either one by clicking on it and then pressing the corresponding arrow icon
      3. Optional Settings include the ability to block websites that contain potentially inappropriate images or language from appearing in search results (enabled by default), and the ability to block specific website URLS or IP addresses
  7. Select Done

Shaw Secure Update parental controls



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