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Beginning Wednesday, October 23rd we will be performing an update to all Gateway units to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best possible Gateway experience. This update will take place over 4 nights, covering different parts of our service areas on each night.


Below you will find additional details about when this update will be occurring, and what you can expect from the update.


Arris Gateway




When will this update occur?

Below you will find a schedule of the four nights in which this update will be occurring. In all cases, the update will start at 12:00 AM and conclude at 2:00 AM (local time). For additional details, see below.



Night OneNight Two

Date: October 23rd

Start Time: 12:00AM

End Time: 2:00AM

Date: October 24th

Start Time: 12:00AM

End Time: 2:00AM




Night Three
Night Four

Date: October 29th

Start Time: 12:00AM

End Time: 2:00AM

Date: October 30th

Start Time: 12:00AM

End Time: 2:00AM




How will this update affect me?

  • Gateway customers will experience a device restart on one of the update nights, listed above
  • This update and subsequent restart will occur between 12:00AM and 2:00AM local time
  • Once the Gateway restarts, you will see a message stating "cable card not validated" on all Video On Demand, Pay Per View orders, and any encrypted channels. This message will last between 10 minutes and one hour until the update is completed


What are the benefits of this update?

  • This will correct issues relating to the ordering and streaming of Pay Per View content on the Gateway
  • The update will also provide a more stable PPV ordering platform




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