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The Shaw Go Gateway app allows you to navigate your Gateway's TV listings page, set individual and series recordings, use the app to initiate playback on your portal, and search for programs based on keywords and categories. Below you can find information on how to download, log in and navigate the app.


Get Shaw Go Gateway support for the following devices:


Android Tablet

Android Phone




DownloadShaw Go Gateway App

Sign In and Authenticate

Browsing and Searching

Set Recordings

Manage Recordings

Watch on TV Feature

Parental Controls

Name Your Gateway Portals


Frequently Asked Questions

Error Code Troubleshooting



To download the Shaw Go Gateway app on your iPad, visit the iOS App store:






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Sign In and Authenticate

To open the app, simply tap the icon on your devices home screen. Once opened you will be prompted to sign in with your My Account username and password, or your full email address and password.


Shaw Account Settings (My Account)

Create a email account

How to Change or Recover Your Email Password



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Browsing and Searching

To browse content on the Shaw Go Gateway app, simply tap Guide from along the bottom of the app. Scroll up, down, left and right to navigate through the interactive guide. You can also tap on any channel listed in the left hand column to see a detailed breakdown of the upcoming programming for that station.


Using Filters:

You are able to navigate the Gateway guide by using filters. Filters are available through the Guide Options icon on the top of the app, and let you reduce the types of content that appears on your guide. Filters include Favourites Only and HD Only filters within Guide Options to further filter your results. You can set favourites and hide channels from appearing in your guide by swiping from the left side of the guide.


To see select times, or to have your guide display current listings, tap Today at the top of the app. From here you can select the date range that you would like to be displayed on your guide, or select Now to display current listings.



Searching for Content:

To search content, tap on the Search icon on the menu access bar at the bottom of the app, and then enter your search criteria. You can further narrow your search results by filtering by title, keyword or cast & crew. To organize results, either tap on the date icon (clock) to view listings by date or the alphabetical icon (A) to view by title (tap a second time to change ascending/descending). You can further filter these results by enabling the filters for Favourites Only or HD Only within Guide Options icons at the top of the app.



Shaw Go Gateway Guide Navigation
shaw go gateway app guide view filters 


Guide Options: Tapping this icon will allow you to set a number of different filters to limit the types of content you are seeing on the Shaw Go Gateway apps Guide view. Filters include HD Only and Favourites Only. If you are using this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can find this option through the settings menu




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Set Recordings

To set a recording through the Shaw Go Gateway app, simply tap the program you'd like to record from the guide or search menus, then tap Record Once, or Record Series. Record once will record only that specific episode. Record series will record all episodes of that television show, based on your series settings.


Shaw Go Gateway Recording
set recordings record tv show record once record series





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Manage Recordings

To access your recordings through the Shaw Go Gateway app simply tap the Recorded TV icon, located at the bottom of the app. From here you can sort through your recordings and filter by recorded, scheduled and series recordings. You can also determine the order in which these appear by date recorded or title.

Shaw Go Gateway Manage Recordings

shaw go gateway app recorded showsshaw go gateway app manage recordings

Click image for larger example




Series Recording Settings:

To set the settings for a series recording, tap the Recorded TV icon on the bottom of the screen, then tap on the series you would like to edit. Choose Series Recording and then select Series Options, and then select your preference for that series. Once completed, tap Update Series to save your changes.


Settings include:

  • Set start time (start recording up to 5 minutes early, or 5 minutes late)
  • Set stop time (stop recording up to 5 minutes early, or 5 minutes late)
  • Choose how long an episode will be kept
  • Determine how many episodes will be kept
  • Choose which episodes will be recorded (new or repeats)


Through the Shaw Go Gateway apps DVR settings you can set your preferences so that you will automatically use these preferences each time you set up a new recording.


To change recording settings for an individual title, simply tap Options when viewing the title in your Recorded TV menu.


Please be aware: Currently, if you attempt to modify the Series Options of one of your recordings through the Shaw Go Gateway app (for example: have the recording begin early or end late) it will result in a disruption to video playback on your Shaw Gateway system that may require a reset. For the time being, modifications to your series recordings can be safely made directly through any connected Portal.  We are aware of this issue and are working towards a solution.



Delete Recordings:

You can delete both your individual recordings as well as your series recordings through the Recorded TV menu. To delete an individual recording simply tap on it from the menu and then select Delete.


To delete a full series, tap on any episode within a series, then tap Series Recording, then Delete. This will delete all of the recordings in that series, and no future episodes will be recorded. If you would like to stop the series from being recorded, but keep all recorded episodes you can select Cancel.


Please Note: If there is no content associated to a series, and you want to remove the series, always use the cancel button.



Recording Icon Key


Recorded, keep until space is needed
Recorded, keep until I delete
Scheduled to be recorded



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Watch on TV Feature

From the Shaw Go Gateway app you can use the app as a remote to begin the playback of recorded content, or to navigate to another channel. To do this, simply tap on the content you'd like to view, than select Watch on TV.


If you are using multiple portals with your Gateway system, you can choose which portal to stream to by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the "Watch on TV" button, and selecting your preferred portal. You can also setup custom names for your portal through account settings.


Shaw Go Gateway Watch on TV Feature

gateway go app watch on tv feature



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Parental Controls

The Shaw Go Gateway parental controls feature allows you to lock content for display based on TV or Movie Ratings, or on channel number. Once a lock is set, these locked titles and channels will not be displayed on the Shaw Go Gateway app. Setting up parental controls through your Shaw Go Gateway app will not prevent these channels or ratings from appearing on your TVs guide.


Parental controls that have been set directly on your Shaw Gateway will automatically be honoured by the app. For example, if you attempt to tune to a TV channel that has previously been locked for playback on the TV, you will be prompted by an alert that the channel cannot be watched.


To set up parental controls on your Shaw Go Gateway app, navigate to Settings (along the bottom of the app) and choose Parental Controls.


Shaw Go Gateway Parental Controls
gateway go app parental controls




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Name Your Gateway Portals

If you have multiple portals in your household and would like to be able to easily identify them, you can rename them through the Go Gateway account settings. To easily determine which portal number corresponds with each portal in your home, tune one portal listed in the app to a unique channel, and then identify which TV has been set to that channel in your household.


For example, tune one of your portals to Global through the Go Gateway app, and then check the TVs in your house to see which portal has been changed to that channel. Once identified, rename that portal in your app account settings.


Rename Portals

  1. Select Settings from the bottom of the app
  2. Tap Account
  3. Select the Gateway portal that you would like to rename
  4. Enter your portal name (i.e. Living Room TV)
  5. Tap Return
  6. Do the same steps for each portal in your home



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To access the Shaw Go Gateway Apps settings, tap the Settings option from the menu bar at bottom of the screen.  On the left you can tap Guide, DVR, Account, Sync or Parental Controls to access specific settings for those categories.



  Guide: From the guide settings you can change the way that channels are sorted (by number, name or like portals) and which type of video content is displayed on the guide (pay-per-view, music, local access, government access, educational access and on demand)


  • Channel Types: Allows you to choose which types of content appear in your guide  (Pay Per View, Music, Local Access, etc...)
  • Sort Channels: By number, name or by "like portals"


  DVR: Through the DVR settings you can determine the way that space conflicts are resolved (ask or determine automatically) as well as change whether you are prompted for series options when scheduling new series recordings.


  • Resolve Space Conflicts: Set to "Ask" or "Automatically." The automatic setting will delete episodes of lower priority to make room for new content when possible.
  • Scheduling New Recordings: Choose either "Prompts for Options" or "Uses Default Options." You can set default options below by clicking on "Default Options"
  • Default Options: Tap here to set your preferred recording defaults, which includes the options for the start time, stop time, episode limit, how long to keep the episodes and which episodes to record


  Account: Log out of your account, view terms of use, app versioning and change whether you provide usage data through the account settings.


  • Portal Names: Displays portals that you are connected to
  • Legal: View terms of use
  • App version: Displays the current version of the app that you are using
  • Usage Statistics: Enable or disable the automatic sending of usage statistics. Sending usage statistics helps us improve the application, and only anonymous data will be sent.


  Sync: Through the sync settings you can manually sync your app with your Gateway. You are also able to determine whether the app or your portals settings will override the other as well as the ability to enable hiding channels, favourites and recording defaults.


  • Direction: Sets the direction by which the sync happens (copy settings from portal, replace settings on portal, or merge)
  • Data: Determine which information is synced between your portals and the Gateway app
  • Sync: Syncs the Gateway app with your portal(s)



First time users may want to align their Go Gateway app and Gateway portal settings by doing the following:

  1. First, select the "Copy Settings from Portal" setting, listed under direction, then tap Sync. This will import the settings you have made on your Gateway portals into the app
  2. Second, set the sync direction to "Merge", which ensures that changes made to either your Gateway portal or Go Gateway app will be applied jointly



  Parental Controls: In the parental controls settings you can set parental controls for your Shaw Gateway. This will allow you to lock certain types of content based on their type of content or rating.


  • Parental Controls: To set up parental controls you will first need to create a PIN. Once created, you can enable or disable parental controls through the Shaw Go Gateway app, as well as set your relock timer preferences
      • Relock Timer: When you unlock a show, you open a temporary viewing window. Parental controls will relock after this time
  • Lock Channels: Lock Video On Demand, Pay Per View and individual channels
  • Lock by Rating: Set your TV and MPAA Ratings
      • TV Rating: All Children, Older Children, General Audiences, Parental Guidance Suggested, Parents Strongly Cautioned, Mature Audiences Only, Not Rated
      • MPAA Rating: General Audiences, Parental Guidance Suggested, Parents Strongly Cautioned, Restricted, Adult Content, Not Rated



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hide and un-hide channels?

To hide channels, simply drag the left side bar out  by swiping from the left edge of the screen when viewing the guide. Tap the "view" icon (eye) to hide, or un-hide channels.


How do I set and remove favourites?

To set favourite channels, simply drag the left side bar out  by swiping from the left edge of the screen when viewing the guide. Tap the "favourite" icon (heart) to favourite, or un-favourite channels.


How do I set recording priorities?

You can set your recording priorities by tapping Recorded TV. From here you can select Priorities. To set recording priorities, simply drag your scheduled content into your preferred priority order, and then tap Save Order once complete.


How can I sort content by date or name?

While viewing your recorded programs or scheduled recordings you can toggle between viewing content based on its alphabetical name or the date on which it was recorded by selecting either icon at the top of the app.


How can I change my portal names on the app?

To change the name of your portals on the Shaw Go Gateway app, open the settings menu and then select Account. From here, you can tap on the portal you would like to rename under Portal Names, and attribute any name to it that you wish (i.e. Living Room).


See more information here


How do I set a Default Portal

Presently there is no setting that allows you to select a default portal, however this can be achieved by naming your portals with a number in front of them, as portals are listed alphabetically and numerically, and the first portal in the list will be selected as your default.


For example:

    1. Living Room (this will become the default portal as it is listed with the number 1)
    2. Bed Room
    3. Gym Room


How can I search for content?

To search content, tap Search located along the bottom of the app. You can narrow your search results by filtering by TV shows, movies and recorded TV. To organize results, either tap on the date icon (clock) to view listings by date or the alphabetical icon (A) to view by title (tap a second time to change ascending/descending).



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Error Code Troubleshooting

Error Message

Why this has occurred

Excessive search results

Too many search results based on search criteria. Reduce or specify your search criteria

Invalid account

The username or password for this account was not recognized. Please check your account information and try again

Account has no MG

Your account does not have a Gateway system associated with it. To order a Gateway system, or if you believe this is an error, please Contact Us

Account has no MP

Account cannot detect a media player. Try reloading the application

Network Error

A network error has prevented communication with your account. Please check your network settings and try again

Network Error

There is a problem with the network connection. Please check your network settings and try again

Network Connection Lost

The network connection was lost. Please try again

Portal DVR error

The application is having trouble communicating with your Media Gateway. Make sure that your Media Gateway and Portals have power, then try again

Recording in useThis recording is currently being viewed
Space resolutionUnable to automatically make the space necessary to record your program. Try deleting an existing recording, then reschedule this program
Duplicate conflictYour program is already scheduled to record
Login with username and password

Please enter both your username and a password and try to login again


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