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Understanding The Issue

As the Windows 8 Mail Exchange Servers are not able to open attachments, a possible work around can be linking the Outlook Server to Shaw Webmail. In order to do this you will need to create an email account and then link your email address to it. This will allow you to send and receive emails to your account through your Outlook profile on the Windows 8 Mail app, and will also allow you to send attachments successfully.


Resolving This Issue

In order for this work around to be successful you will need to ensure that you have already set up a Microsoft account. A Microsoft account is required to use the Windows 8 Mail application.


Step 1: Create Outlook email profile at

Step 2: Import Your Email account

Step 3: Setup Your Account on Windows 8 Mail



Step 1: Create Outlook Email Profile at


Visit and either log in to your existing account, or create a new email account.


Once you have logged in to your account you will need to enable connection to devices and apps through POP.


  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Choose Options (example)
  3. Select Connect Devices and Apps with POP (example)
  4. Check off Enable under POP
  5. Check off Do what the device or app says (example)
  6. Click Save



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Outlook Email Profile step 1Outlook Email Profile step 2Outlook Email Profile step 3



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Step 2: Import Your Email Account


Once you have created your account, sign in and import your email account by doing the following:


  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Choose Options (example)
  3. Select Import Email Accounts (example)
  4. Choose Other Email Provider (example)
  5. Select Advanced Options
  6. Select My Provider Doesn't Support IMAP
  7. Choose to Import from POP3 by adding your account to (example)
  8. Select Advanced Options
  9. Enter the following Shaw email account Information:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your Email Address
    3. Incoming (POP3) Server Information: (example)
        • Server Address:
        • Port: 110
        • Requires a secure connection (SSL): No (no check mark)
        • Leave a copy of messages on the server: Yes (add a check mark)
        • Username: Your email address without
        • Password: Your email address password
    4. Outlook (SMTP) server information: (example)
        • Select "Send email using your provider's server...."
        • Server Address:
        • Port: 587
        • Requires a secure connection (SSL/TLS): Yes (add a check mark)
        • Use the same username and password to send and receive email: Yes (add a check mark)
    5. Select Next


See more information on importing your other email accounts into here:

Add a Gmail account to - help



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Outlook Email Settings Step 1Outlook Email Settings Step 2Outlook Email Settings Step 3
Outlook Email Settings Step 4Outlook Email Settings Step 5Outlook Email Settings Step 6





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Step 3: Set up Your Account on Windows 8 Mail


Once you have imported your email account into your profile you can set up your Outlook account through the Windows 8 Mail app.


  1. Go to the Windows 8 home screen by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard
  2. Select the Windows 8 Mail app
  3. You may be requested to log in to your Microsoft account. If you are currently using a Local account (not an online account) you will still need to log in to this app with a Microsoft account, but you can select "Log in to each app separately" if you don't want to use a Microsoft account to log in to your PC
  4. Select Settings and then Add an Account
  5. Choose
  6. Add in your email address information (created in step 1)
  7. Click on Connect


To set your account as your default email address:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose Accounts
  3. Select your account
  4. Under Preferred Email Address select your email



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