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The Movie Network GO app iconWith The Movie Network GO (TMN GO) you can enjoy instant and unlimited access to over 1000 hours of premium content from The Movie Network, HBO Canada, and TMN Encore. Watch the most talked-about series from HBO®, Cinemax® and Showtime, hundreds of Hollywood hit movies, comedy specials, documentaries and acclaimed Canadian programming directly on your phone or tablet – all in high definition quality. This guide will help you navigate TMN GO on your iOS and Android devices, however, TMN GO is also available on select smart TV's, gaming consoles and Windows 8.1.

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How to download the Movie Network GO app

You can download TMN GO for your iPad, iPhone, or Android device from their respective app marketplaces. The app is free to download but requires a subscription to The Movie Network to unlock all of the available content.


Download TMN GO for your iOS device
Download TMN GO for your Android device

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How to sign in and authenticate

Shaw customers who subscribe to The Movie Network can select Shaw Go as their provider on the TMN GO login screen and then sign in with their My Account username and password, Shaw Email or Shaw Direct credentials.


Shaw Go Logo
If you have trouble signing in, you can find additional support through the following Community articles:


Shaw Account Settings (My Account)
How to Change Your Email Password

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How to browse and stream content

TMN GO can be navigated by using the menu bar. On iOS devices, this menu can be found at the bottom of the screen, while on Android devices it can be found along the top. From the menu bar, you can access quick filters including Featured, Movies, Series, and Upcoming (appears within Movies and Series sections on iPhone and Android phones), and specific content from HBO Canada, and Encore.
To begin streaming, tap the episode or movie that you would like to view, and then tap the play icon. If you would like to watch the content at a later time you can add it to your "Watchlist" by clicking on the + icon next to the movie or episode title.


Movie Network Go App on iPad, IPhone, Android Tablet and Android Phone


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How to search TMN GO

To search for content in TMN GO, start by tapping on the search icon on the top right (iOS) or bottom right (Android) side of the screen. Next, input your search criteria, which must be at least 3 characters in length. Results will automatically populate as you type and you can select the result that best matches your search by tapping on it.


TMN GO: Searching

The Movie Network GO Search

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Parental Controls

Parental Controls allow you to block mature content from being viewed by some users in your household. You can create profiles for each user to allow you to manage what content is available for viewing. To access Parental Controls:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the home screen of the app
  2. Choose Parental Controls
  3. Touch Configure Parental Controls to set up your preferences

To apply parental controls to a new profile:

  1. Tap the add + icon in the top corner of the app
  2. Enter a name for the profile and choose the rating control that you would like to apply.
  3. Tap Set PIN to create a 4 digit password. This password will be required to change these settings at a later date, as well as switch users if required.
  4. Once completed you can tap the Save icon.


To modify an existing user profile, simply tap it from the Parental Controls list in Settings.
Once you have created a new user profile with Parental Controls applied, you can switch between accounts by opening up Settings within the app, and then tapping Switch Profile. Select the profile for that user and then enter the 4 digit PIN you created for that profile.


TMN GO App: Parental Controls

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From the settings menu you can access frequently asked questions about the app which include information about TMN GO, sign in and account settings, features, troubleshooting and more. You can also access the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy associated with the app through the settings menu, as well as information on how to contact the developer.
To access settings, tap on the gear icon in the top right (iOS) or bottom right (Android) sections of the apps screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions
A full list of frequently asked questions can be found from within the settings menu in TMN GO.
Device compatibility
TMN GO is available on iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® touch, OS versions 5.0+.
TMN GO is available on Android™ 4.0+ Smartphones and tablets.
Do I need to subscribe to The Movie Network in order to watch shows on TMN GO?
Yes, to watch shows on TMN GO you need a subscription to The Movie Network (includes HBO Canada) and/or TMN Encore through a participating television provider.
Can I use TMN GO outside of Canada?
No. TMN GO is only available while you are located in Canada.
I am having problems signing in. What can I do?
Shaw customers who subscribe to The Movie Network can sign into the app with their My Shaw, Shaw Email or Shaw Direct account information. If you are having issues signing in with these credentials, you can find support through the following links.
Shaw Account Settings (My Shaw)
How to Change Your Email Password
Can I watch TMN GO without signing in?
You can watch movies and series trailers and free preview content without being signed into TMN GO. In order to watch movies, series or extras (for example Behind the Scenes, Interviews, etc...), you must be signed in.
How does the Watchlist work?
The Watchlist allows you to create a personalized list of shows you want to watch while they are available on TMN GO. Once you find a show you want to watch, select the + icon to add the show to your Watchlist, (on your iPad you can also drag the titles to your Watchlist). You can add an unlimited number of shows and customize the order. The items in your Watchlist will remain the same and show up, even when you sign in to TMN GO from a different device. Shows will remain in your Watchlist as long as they are available on TMN GO unless you remove, delete or finish watching them.
Does TMN GO have Parental Controls to block out mature content?
Yes, TMN GO has Parental Controls that allow you to restrict content based on OFRB ratings. To set Parental Controls, go to the "Settings" section and follow the directions. These settings will only be available once you have signed into the app.

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