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The Roku is a streaming device that connects directly to your television system and Internet services to allow you to access popular online streaming services, including Netflix, Rdio, NHL Gamecenter and more. The following guide will help you set up your Roku streaming device and connect it with your Shaw Internet services.


Roku Setup


To get your Roku streaming device setup, check the guide below:


  1. Connect your Roku streaming device to your television set using an HDMI cable. If your TV does not support HDMI, then you can use either component cables (high definition) or composite cables (standard definition streaming only).
      • HDMI - 1020p high definition
      • Component - 720p high definition
      • Composite - Standard definition only
  2. Determine which networking type you use.
      • Wired: You will need to directly connect your Roku streaming device to your modem or router with an ethernet cable
      • Wireless: Find your SSID (network name) and network password. If you are using a Shaw WiFi Modem then you can find this information on a sticker on the top or side of the device
  3. Connect the Roku streaming device to power using the provided power cable
  4. Turn on the Roku
  5. Follow the guided setup, then create your Roku account by copying down the unique code displayed on screen and visiting on your computer, and entering the code. You will then be asked to create your new account
  6. Once completed, your Roku streaming device will be ready for use



Additional support and information about Roku can be found at



Shaw WiFi Modem SSID (Network Name) and Network Password

shaw wireless information sticker



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