Recent Fraudulent Messages and Phishing Attempts

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If you receive one of these phishing scam emails, please do not click the link in the emails - it will lead you to a different site, not the one depicted in the original email itself.


Fraudulent emails such as these are typically sent to obtain personal and private financial information. They ask for confidential information such as your account username, account number and email password. To keep your identity safe, it’s important to know what to look for.


See our article Identifying Fraudulent Emails "Phishing" for more information on identifying fraudulent emails. More information on recent phishing emails can be found at Recent Scam and Fraud Alerts


If you receive a phishing email, please forward them to our Internet Security team at: If possible, include the email headers so as to allow us to track the sender. A guide on obtaining headers can be found at: Obtaining Email Headers for Spam/Phishing Notification.


We have attached some of the most recent phishing scam examples below.



Phishing Scam - "Enhance to our new version"




Phishing Scam - "Account Termination"



Phising Scam account termination shaw



Phishing Scam - "Your Mailbox Security Alert"



phising scam mailbox security alert


Phishing Scam - "Account Activity Report"


phising scam account activity report



Phishing scam - "New Security Message"



phising scam new security message


Phishing Scam - "Urgent Notice!"


phising scam urgent notice



Phishing Scam - " Notice"


phising scam notice



Phishing Scam - "Your monthly bill cannot be processed"


phising scam your monthly bill cannot be processed


Phishing scam - "Unlock Your Shaw email"

phising scam unlock your shaw email



Phishing scam - "Update Email address"



phising scam update email address


Phishing scam - "Web-Mail Storage Limit"


phising scam web-mail storage limit



Phishing scam - "Update E-Mail Now"



phising scam update e-mail now


Phishing scam - "Suspended"


phising scam suspended


Phishing scam - "E-Mail Update!!"



phising scam email update


Phishing scam - "Update your account now!!"



phising scam update your account now


Phishing scam - "Re: Shaw Notification : Your Account has now been locked"


phising scam re: shaw notification your account has now been locked



Clicking on Log In may direct you to a page that looks like this:

fake redirect page scam


As you can see, this is an older design of Customer Care (it is now officially called "My Account"), and the URL may point to another third-party web host (in this example, the full URL pointed to which is not on our network).




Phishing scam - "E-Mail Update"


phising scam e-mail update



Phishing scam - "E-Mail Update"


Phishing scam email update



Phishing scam - "E-Mail Pending Status"


Phishing scam email pending status



Phishing scam - "Payment Authorization"


Phishing scam payment authorization



Phishing scam - "Invoice"


Phishing scam invoice



Phishing scam - "E-Mail Update"


Phishing scam email update



Phishing scam - "E-Mail Deactivation"


Phishing scam email deactivation



Phishing scam - "E-Mail Account Expired"


Phishing scam email account expired


Phishing scam - "Update your account online"

Phishing scam update your account online

Phishing scam - "Soumettre votre demande de remboursement"

Phishing scam Soumettre votre demande de remboursement




Submit your claim .


Dear customer,

Dear Customer,


After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a refund of $ 90.30


                      Reimbursement form here


Upon receipt of your request, your refund will be considered within a period of 3 working days.


Invalid registration dossier submission or after a certain limit may delay your refund.


Shaw Branch .


Thank you very much for your participation . Your answers will help us better serve our customers.


Popup Scam - "July Opinion Survey for Shaw Communications Alberta Customers"


Email Scam July Opinion Survey for Shaw Communications Alberta CustomersEmail Scam July Opinion Survey for Shaw Communications Alberta Customers 2

Email scam - "Garciinia Essentials" purporting as part of Shaw survey with prize options.

We are currently awaiting screenshots of this example, so we will update this page when we have a copy of this type of email scam. Much like the above survey-scams, this email will disguise as a "Customer Satisfaction" survey from Shaw. Upon completion of such survey, it may prompt you to "select an offer" as a thank you gift. Please do not submit your personal information, including any credit card or financial information through this survey as customers have reported unauthorized charges on their account.


Email Scam - Account update required

email scam account update required

Clicking on the included link may open to a page that is very similar to our Shaw Webmail interface. Take notice of the URL that is displayed when clicking on the link, which is not our official Webmail link:

phising scam webmail fake


Phishing scam - "Verify this account before continuing"

Phishing scam Verify this account before continuing

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