Descriptive Video Services on HD guide boxes

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Descriptive Video Services (DVS) can be enabled or disabled quickly by pressing the “D” button on your Shaw remote. 


If you'd like to find more information on the function of Descriptive Video Services you can check out the following article on


Descriptive Video Services button


When descriptive video services is enabled:

  • You will hear a voice-over on programming which supports DVS which describes the visual elements occurring on screen and a narration of the events.
  • Exceptions:
    • Some channels (specifically WWE Network) will instead play a Spanish voice-over when DVS is enabled
    • Some channels do not have a DVS audio stream. These channels will appear as having no audio at all
    • An error in DVS may cause all channels, including channels with a DVS audio stream, to go silent



If you encounter an error with descriptive video services:

  • Toggle the feature ON and then OFF either through the HD Guide menu or by using the “D” button on your Shaw remote
  • Reset the audio settings to default using the “Reset to Default” option in the HD Guide menu




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