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The Shaw Community allows Shaw users to connect with each other and with customer care to share tips, ask questions, and get help. Have a question? You can get help from Shaw moderators and other Shaw community users, right here. Join now to follow, share, and participate in the conversation with Shaw experts and users like you.

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What is Shaw Community?

The Shaw Community is the place to connect with other Shaw customers, Shaw experts, and Shaw moderators. It's a place to get help, and to help others. In The Shaw Community, you'll find a knowledge base containing informative support articles on using your services, devices, and equipment, and a forum for even more help, or just a casual chat. Core areas of our support articles include:

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Why you should register for Shaw Community

By registering for Shaw Community, you're becoming part of a group of Shaw customers who, like yourself, use and enjoy Shaw's services. Although everyone is welcome to browse discussions and content, only members can post and answer questions, start and participate in discussions, and send private messages to our Shaw Community moderators.
So what do you get out of Shaw Community?
Get help and information from Shaw experts
Questions? Comments? There are Shaw experts on the community full time, just waiting to give you the answers that you need and to listen to what you have to say. They're here to assist from 7 AM to 5 PM (PT), Monday to Friday.
Talk to other Shaw customers
Sometimes the best way to get help is to talk to other people in the same situation. Whether you're wondering about using a specific Shaw service with a particular device or asking about moving to a new location, you can count on The Shaw Community for the support you need.
Share your knowledge with others
Maybe you know your way around a router, or maybe you're a big fan of a particular channel. The Shaw Community is your chance to put that knowledge to work helping other Shaw customers.
Make your voice heard
Your opinions matter and The Shaw community is the best way to share your feedback on our products and services.
From step-by-step instructions on configuring your mobile device to detailed descriptions of your Shaw hardware, Shaw Community has an enormous knowledge base containing a wide range of articles about all of Shaw's services, Shaw hardware, most types of mobile device, and a lot more, all searchable and easy to read. Anyone can access them, but only Shaw Community members can follow articles for the latest updates.

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Support Articles

On Shaw Community, we feature a great amount of support content to help you troubleshoot and learn about everything from your Shaw bill to your hardware setup. Maybe you want to learn about your Shaw hardware, you're trying to set up your phone's email app, or you want to fix a service that isn't working quite the way it should. Well, there's an article for that.


Shaw Community's extensive knowledge base is divided into three types categories for each of our services, so it's easy to find what you need. And if you register on Shaw Community, you can follow the articles that matter to you so that you're always up to date. Only registered Shaw Community members can follow content.
If you've encountered a complication with your Shaw service, or with one of the devices that you use with your Shaw service, check out our Fix category. There you'll find troubleshooting solutions to common and uncommon problems and information about where to find the answers you need.
So you have a new device, or you've just had your Shaw services installed, and you want to know how to set up your hardware, software, wiring, and everything else. The Setup category contains information on whatever you need to know to get your Shaw services, and your connected hardware, working the way you want it to.
How is a DCT different from a DPT? How can you test the speed of your Internet connection? Wondering what BlueSky TV is? The articles in our Learn category have all of the answers.
You can find the above categories on the community home page, sorted by the type of Shaw service. Clicking the service type will show you the featured topics for each category.


Shaw Community landing pageExamples of article categories on Shaw Community

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As a Shaw Community member you can post in the forums, which lets you ask questions, swap tips, and give advice to other Shaw customers, and connect with Shaw experts who can answer your questions and offer support.
Asking a question
If you have a specific question you can go straight to the forums to start a discussion and get feedback from Shaw experts and other Shaw customers.
You can browse questions asked by other members, too, and Shaw Community will show you which ones have been answered, in case the answers help you, too, and which haven't, in case you can help someone else.



Shaw Community questionsExamples of Shaw Community questions


Finding an answer
Shaw Community forums offer categorized discussions and lists of questions that have already been answered, so you can browse until you find something that interests you. Of course, there's also a search field so you can find what you need right now.


Search, browse, or ask a question in the Shaw Community forumsSearch, browse, or ask a question in the Shaw Community forums

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Activity Streams

Activity streams show you new activity relating to the spaces, discussions, articles, or people that you have followed so that you're always up to date on what matters to you. You can even set up email watches and custom streams to better organize the content that you're following.


Activity Stream - OverviewActivity Stream overview


Activity Stream - New

Creating a new Activity Stream

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How do I join?

You can join the Shaw Community by clicking the Register link on the right side of the top navigation from any Shaw Community page as seen below. It's as easy as that.


Register Link from Shaw Support Community


Register Now on Shaw Community

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