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Shaw Photo Share is a simple and secure way to share your photos with family and friends. Free to all Shaw Internet subscribers, Shaw Photo Share allows you to upload up to 100MB of photos and share the photos with any of your contacts. Photos are accessed via a unique link and can be password protected for additional security. Please follow the directions below to log into Photo Share and start sharing your photos today.


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Creating a New Photo Share

Additional Photo Share Features



Creating a New Photo Share


1. Visit in your web browser

2. Click Sign in from the homepage

3. Log into Photo Share with your Shaw email username and password

4. Click Create a Photo Share

create_photoshare1.png5. Name your new Photo Share and add an additional description if applicable, then click Forward


6. Click either Upload New Photos of Add From Other Photo Share


7. Browse to the folder on your computer that contains your images, drag the images to the lower panel and then click Upload

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you wish to add more photos to your Photo Share, when you are finished selecting photos click Forward

9. You can rotate the photo by clicking on the Edit Image icon located at the top left of each photo


10. You can also edit the caption for each photo by clicking Edit Photo Caption below the image. When done, click Forward

11. Next, choose how display your Photo Share (select All Photos or Slide Show), and then select a theme if you desire.


12. If you require additional security, you can now click the Require Password box

    • With the password enabled, please enter a password in the box provided
    • You will need to share this password with anyone wanting to view the photos in this Photo Share


13. If you do not want your photos downloaded, please click the Copy protect your photos box (seen above) and then click Forward

14. Enter the email address of any contact you would like to view your Photo Share. You can separate multiple recipients with commas and if you would like to send the email with the default mail client on your computer, please click the Send using your default email program box.

15. If you want to add the photos from this new Photo Share to your gallery, please click the provided box for Add to Photo Share gallery (seen below)


16. With your desired recipients entered and available options selected, please click Finish. If you have selected the option to send with your default mail program, it will open now.

17. The recipients you entered will now receive and email with a link to your photo share. If you opted to send the email with your default email program, don't forget to click send on the new message.


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Additional Photo Share Features

You can manage and view your Photo Shares by clicking on one of the following options (shown below)

  • Manage Photo Shares will allow you to edit your collection of Photo Shares.
  • View your Gallery will allow you to view all of the photos stored in Photo Share.
  • Manage Your Gallery will allow you to edit the Photo Share Gallery name, these and password requirements.




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