Connecting your Android Wear Smartwatch to WiFi

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WiFi connectivity allows you to connect your watch to your phone through WiFi even when out of Bluetooth range. You can find instructions for connecting your Android Wear watch to your WiFi network below.


Android Motorola 360 Smart Watch

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Enabling Cloud Sync On Your Phone

Enabling WiFi On Your Watch


Enabling Cloud Sync On Your Phone

on your phone, open the Android Wear app

open Settings

tap Privacy & personal data

tap Cloud sync

set the switch to On



Enabling WiFi On Your Watch


Open Settings on your watch

Swipe down to Wi-Fi Settings

Tap Wi-Fi OFF to enable wi-fi

Swipe down to the network that you would like to use

Tap the network name

Tap the Open on phone icon

On your phone, enter the password for the network and tap CONNECT




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