Overview of Shaw's 2-year ValuePlans

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Learn more about Shaw's 2-year ValuePlans which include our premium Internet packages, and our best-in-class video product, BlueSky TV. Please visit Introducing Shaw WideOpen Internet 150, BlueSky TV FAQs or Shaw.ca for more information.


This article will provide an overview of:


What is a 2-year ValuePlan

For information on signing up for a Shaw 2-year ValuePlan, as well as up-to-date pricing, visit: Shaw.ca/bundles.


Current ValuePlan options include:


Internet 2-year ValuePlan


What Shaw provides to youYour commitment

Free monthly rental of modem

Free installation

Price Guarantee for Internet 150, Internet 75 and Internet 15 for 24 months

Maintain a minimum of Internet 15 for two years 


Internet and BlueSky TV 2-year ValuePlan


What Shaw provides to youYour commitment

Free monthly rental on modem and BlueSky TV hardware (for up to two TVs)
Free Installation
Price Guarantee on all services for 24 months when signed up for Internet 150, Internet 75 or Internet 15

Maintain a minimum of Internet 15 and Limited TV for two years 


Customers that choose to end their 2-year ValuePlan early will be required to:

  1. Return all Internet and TV hardware to Shaw if cancelling services
  2. Pay early cancellation fees calculated based on the number of months remaining in the 2-year ValuePlan multiplied by the early cancellation fee ($15 or $20 depending on the ValuePlan chosen)

At the expiry of your 2-year ValuePlan term, your service will continue on a month-to month basis, or you can re-sign for a new 2-year ValuePlan. You will also continue to receive your Internet and TV hardware as a free rental as well as applicable bundle discounts as long as you remain a Shaw customer.

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Do I have to sign a 2-year ValuePlan?

No, 2-year ValuePlans are available for customers who want to receive additional value on their services, along with complimentary BlueSky TV* hardware.


Month-to-month plans continue to be a great option for customers who are not yet ready to commit to a 2-year term.


*Customers need to reside within a BlueSky TV ready area. 

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Benefits of a Shaw 2-year ValuePlan

There are a number of benefits of a Shaw 2-year ValuePlan. Some of these benefits include:


Internet Only

  • Free installation - Save on installation fees valued up to $100.
  • Price Guarantee - 2-year ValuePlans with Internet 150, 75 and 15 are eligible for Price Guarantees. Learn more about Shaw's Price Guarantee Terms.
  • Faster Internet - On a 2-year ValuePlan with Internet 150, you will have access to Internet more than 8x faster than the average Canadian download speed today.
  • Unlimited Data - Sign up for Internet 150 and receive unlimited data.
  • Improved Connectivity - With our Advanced WiFi modem, you'll get a stronger signal and faster speeds throughout your entire home.
  • Shaw Go WiFi - Connect to the Internet on the go at over 85,000 Shaw Go WiFi hotspots across Western Canada. Save an average of 6 GB of cellular data per month by using Shaw Go WiFi.


Internet + TV - Includes all the benefits of Internet Only, plus...

  • Our best video product: BlueSky TV - With game-changing technology and ground-breaking features, BlueSky TV is Shaw's best entertainment experience, powered by your voice. Integrated search allows you to find all your entertainment in one place, including Netflix!
  • Free Equipment - Hardware for up to two BlueSky TVs included for free for as long as you are a Shaw customer.
  • Access to FreeRange TV - Watch your favourite shows, sports, and news on the go with Shaw FreeRange TV so you'll never miss a moment. Download-to-go available on many titles to watch when you're offline.

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Is a 2-year ValuePlan right for me?

2-year ValuePlans are designed for customers who want to receive the most value with their Shaw services and hardware and are not interested in paying to rent or purchase equipment outright or through an Easy Own plan. A 2-year ValuePlan is great for both new and existing Shaw customers.


ValuePlan BenefitNew CustomerExisting Customer
Seeking price guarantee on Shaw services for 24 monthsYesYes
Looking to have access to the latest Shaw hardwareYesYes
Looking to save on installation feesYesYes
Looking to cancel Shaw services within the next 24 monthsNoNo

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2-year ValuePlan FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Shaw's 2-year ValuePlans,


Does the 2-year ValuePlan include a service price guarantee?
New 2-year ValuePlans which include Internet 150, 75 and 15 include a price guarantee, however, legacy 2-year ValuePlans do not. As long as you maintain Internet 15 on your 2-year ValuePlan, all other services under your 2-year VauePlan will also be price guaranteed. Visit Shaw's Price Guarantee Terms for more details.


What happens at the end of a 2-year ValuePlan?

After the 24-month period, customers can renew the ValuePlan at the current in-market rate and enjoy the same benefits of a ValuePlan for another 2 years. Customers can also choose to not resign for two years and pay regular month-to-month rates.


Which hardware was included in a legacy 2-year ValuePlan?

Legacy 2-year ValuePlan included Gateway HDPVR Equipment (one TV), plus up to two Gateway Portals (supporting up to three TVs in total). Our new ValuePlans include:

  • New and existing customers receive a free rental of their BlueSky TV (up to two TVs) and Internet hardware, as long as you remain on a 2-year ValuePlan and meet the minimum service level requirements.
  • Additional BlueSky TV portals can be added for $5 per month per portal.

Do I get to keep the hardware at the end of the 2-year ValuePlan?

Yes. After your term, as long as you remain a Shaw TV and Internet customer, you will continue to receive a free monthly rental of your hardware. If you choose to unsubscribe from one service you will be subject to the rental rate of the hardware at the time of service change.


If you choose to leave Shaw after your term has ended you are required to return all hardware to Shaw.

Can I change my level of service while on a 2-year ValuePlan?

Provided you maintain the minimum required service level of Internet 15 or higher on an Internet 2-year ValuePlan, or Internet 15 and Limited TV if you have chosen a 2-year ValuePlan with BlueSky TV, you can make changes to your services at any time without breaking your agreement. 

Can I sign up for a 2-year ValuePlan if I have subscribed to a traditional (grandfathered) TV package?

2-year ValuePlans apply to our newest Video packaging, including Limited TV, Small TV - Pick 5, Medium TV - Pick 8, and Large TV - Pick 12 with Internet 150, 75, or 15.

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