Shaw In-Home vs Shaw Go WiFi

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Shaw's Internet service includes both in-home WiFi and access to over seventy thousand Shaw Go WiFi hotspots, but what's the difference?


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Shaw In-Home WiFi


With the prevalence of smart and mobile devices, from smart phones and tablets to game consoles and laptops, most people need WiFi in their homes. Shaw's Internet service includes a WiFi modem that provides both wired and wireless Internet access for maximum connectivity. Since WiFi works by using radio signals for communication between your modem and your wireless device, your home WiFi connection will only work for as long as you are within range of your modem. Essentially, it works in your home, or just outside, but won't go on the road with you. If you want to take your Internet access out and about you need Shaw Go WiFi.



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Shaw Go WiFi


Though you can't take your wireless Shaw Internet service with you when you leave the house, your Shaw Internet service includes access to over 75 000 WiFi hotspots, everywhere from coffee shops to libraries, grocery stores to restaurants. And the best part is that it's already included with your Shaw Internet service. All you have to do is register your device and your Shaw Internet service will be available to you in many of the places you'll find yourself. We even provide guest access for unregistered devices. All of this at no additional charge, included with your Internet service. Just imagine how much you'll save on cellular data.


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Shaw Go WiFi Hotspots


Shaw Go WiFi hotpots are everywhere, but don't take our word for it. See for yourself on our hotspot map, and install the Shaw Go WiFi Finder app on your phone or tablet.


Shaw Go WiFi hotspot map.png

Shaw Go WiFi hotspot map. Click to explore.


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