Shaw Webmail: Troubleshooting tips

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Fix Shaw Webmail performance issues with these troubleshooting tips. From password issues to interface updates, refer to the topics below for specific resolution instructions.



Change password

Your Shaw Email address is part of your Shaw Account, which can be managed via My Account.


Change Webmail Password


To change your webmail password, you must log into and update your email account information.

Learn more at How to change your email and Webmail password 

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Popup Blocker

Some Pop-Up blocker configurations can accidentally block the compose mail window from loading correctly. While rare, this issue can potentially occur with any browser with a built in and/or third party Pop-Up Blocker enabled.


Steps disable Pop-Up Blocking in Webmail:

  1. Disable any third party Pop-Up Blockers that are installed on the browser, then try composing a message again. Many Pop-Up blockers offer the option of Disable on
  2. Disable any built in Pop-Up Blockers in the browser, then try composing a message again. Many Pop-Up blockers offer the option of Disable
  3. Hold the CTRL button on your keyboard while clicking New (to compose a message). This may bypass the Pop-Up blocker.  

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Recover deleted emails

To recover deleted emails from your Shaw Webmail account:

  1. Sign in to Webmail at  
  2. Right click on your trash folder to bring up the menu
  3. Select Recover Deleted Items
    Recover Deleted Emails
  4. Choose the email that you would like to recover
  5. Select Recover To
  6. Select the folder that you would like to move the email to (ie: Inbox).
  7. Select OK to complete the process and restore your email. Once complete, you will see the following message appear to confirm that your email has now been restored.

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Other issues

Webmail not loading

If Webmail will not load within your browser, it is possible that your internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) is attempting to load the Webmail page with outdated data, which it has stored in its cache.

Please visit Internet Browser Support, and select your browser from the listing to see specific instructions for clearing your cache and cookies. 


View message header information

To view the header information for a given message within webmail:

  1. Right-click on the message whose headers you wish to view
  2. Click Show Original


Import / Export Issues

If you would like to import or export your contacts, calendars or account information, please log into webmail and go to Preferences and then select Import/Export. When exporting contact information, please ensure that you select your email application of choice under the Destination option. Learn more about importing contacts and calendars in Webmail.

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Webmail updates

Webmail recently upgraded to version 8.6. This update includes many interface upgrades and feature updates to the traditional webmail experience. Learn more at Webmail is Being Upgraded to Version 8.6 

Webmail Upgrades

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