Webmail is Being Upgraded to Version 8.6

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Between September, 2016, and March, 2017, we will be upgrading Shaw Webmail (http://webmail.shaw.ca) to version 8.6. This update includes a number of changes to the look and feel of the website, as well as to the placement of key features.


Each upgrade will take between 20 seconds and seven minutes, depending on the number of messages in your mailbox. During this time you may experience a downtime of 10-20 seconds where you will be unable to sign-in to your account. Please note that emails will continue to be received throughout the upgrade, even during this downtime.


As this upgrade will be applied to all Webmail accounts by March, 2017, customers do not have the option to upgrade early or opt out from the new version. Check out the details below for more information on what's changing in version 8.6 of Webmail.


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User Interface


  • The Website colour palette has been updated
  • The left/right padding has been removed to allow for more space for messages to display
  • User tooltips have been updated with new information for Webmail 8.6
  • Available storage can now be found within the website footer (bottom of the page)
  • Opened emails, contact groups and new messages will now appear as additional tabs along the menu-bar


visual difference between old and new shaw webmail versions

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Menu Navigation


  • The links to entertainment (On Demand & Music) and MyAccount have been removed
  • The drop-down menu on the account name now includes a link to support


shaw webmail top bar view


    • You can find additional links to support content at the bottom of the webmail page. 
    shaw webmail support links bottom


    • The search function has been moved to the top of the page


    shaw webmail search bar

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    • Mail, contacts, calendar & preferences have moved to the left side of the page
    • The application menu is now organized by tabs, which include a new "View" and "New Message" tab, as well as a "Get New Messages" icon


    shaw webmail new message button




    • The action toolbar shows unread message counts for each folder
      • Total messages and folder size are shown through a tooltip on the folder


    shaw webmail folders


        • The 'launch in separate window' icon has been removed, but is still accessible through the actions drop-down menu, left-click option, or by double-clicking (shown below)


    shaw webmail right click options


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    Folders and Tags


    • You can now view additional information about a folder by hovering your mouse over it
    • An options icon (gear image) has been added to each section header, allowing you to view preferences for that feature
    shaw webmail settings


    • Folders now include a drop-down which gives you access to available actions, such as renaming the folder
    shaw webmail edit properties

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    Email Messages


    Inbox / Folder View

    • You can now choose to display/hide information about an email such as the sender, size and priority while viewing them within one of your folders. Right-click on the description bar to access these options, then remove a check-mark from any you wish to remove from the viewing pane.


    shaw webmail tab options


    • Message previews show a contact image if one has been added to that profile through the contact editor


    Composing an Email

    • The option to add an attachment can now be found in a new location (seen below)


    shaw webmail indent options



    • The folder selection has been removed from the side-bar while composing an email
    • We have introduced a new contact picker, allowing you to easily search and select recipients from your contact list



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    • In previous versions of webmail, changes made to an individual contact would not be shown while viewing it through a contact group. This has been resolved in Webmail 8.6.
    • We have introduced a new contact group editor making it easier to assign or remove multiple contacts to a contact group


    shaw webmail contacts

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    • You can now view your calendar in a list view


    shaw webmail calendar

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    The preferences options have been updated to give you more control over your Webmail experience. See below for a list of changes.


      • You can now adjust interface font size through the "General" section


    shaw webmail preferences



      • All search preferences have moved to the "General" section
      • The email compose direction can now be swapped to "Right to Left"


    shaw webmail language and compose directions options


    • The search highlighter enable/disable preference has been removed
    • There is now an option to hide check-boxes on selected items in lists


    shaw webmail other settings
    • The "Receiving" and "Composing" email options have been consolidated under "Mail"
    • The following additional sections have been added to the "Preferences" menu:
      • Accounts - Manage your primary account settings
      • Signatures - Create and edit your email signature
      • Filters - Create and edit email filters
      • Mobile Devices - Shows you any devices that you have associated with this email address
    • New Out of Office (vacation) settings have been added


    shaw webmail out of office options
    • The address book preferences have been renamed as “contacts”
    • The password checker to enable off-net email sending (example: while using your Shaw email address through Outlook) has been removed as it is no longer required for that process

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