Basic troubleshooting for your BlueSky TV

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Learn how to fix common issues with your BlueSky TV digital box by using these basic troubleshooting tips. This article will provide insight into some basic BlueSky TV troubleshooting tips including how to address the issue of the BlueSky TV cable box not turning on. 


Did You Know


Pull the Power: Many technical issues can be resolved by simply unplugging the power, waiting a few seconds, plug back in and restarting.



Issue: BlueSky TV box is not on / is not turning on

This article pertains to the issue of when the BlueSky TV cable box is not on or will not turn on. You may be seeing a visual such as this:


TV with no Input




If your BlueSky TV box is properly powered on, there will be a blue light on the front of the box.



If your BlueSky TV box is off, it could be the result of any of the following scenarios:


  • BlueSky TV digital box is unplugged
  • Video cables are unplugged or not plugged in fully
  • Video output is connected to the wrong source
  • Home theatre unit is not powered on or unplugged
  • Power outage


Troubleshooting tips

Here are some common tips to use if your BlueSky TV box is not turning on. If you have a problem with your BlueSky TV service, please use the following basic troubleshooting tips.


  1. Check that the TV is powered on and set to the appropriate input source for the TV box.

    TV on Input 1

  2. Check that the TV box is powered on and tuned to an authorized cable channel. If the TV is tuned into an unauthorized channel you may receive a blank screen.
  3. Ensure that all video cables between the TV box and the TV are firmly connected.

    HDMI to TV

  4. The coaxial cable feed is firmly connected to the TV box and the wall jack.
    Coax Into the Digital Box
    If you have checked all of the above and you are still having trouble, then please also check these:

  5. If the TV box video output is connected to a home theatre unit, verify that the home theatre unit is powered on and set to the appropriate input source.
  6. Ensure the TV box video output is connected to a TV through an HDMI or component cable connection.  
    • Turn the TV power off.
    • Turn the TV box power off.
    • Wait one second and then turn the power back on for both devices.



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