BlueSky TV hardware overview

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Learn about the BlueSky TV hardware platform ecosystem for next-generation TV viewing from Shaw. Consisting of the BlueSky TV Box, Portal and Remote Control. The BlueSky TV platform combines live television, PVR and on-demand programming with apps and online content providing a richer, personalized TV experience.   


This article will provide insight on:



BlueSky TV Box

The BlueSky TV box acts as a standalone PVR and as a gateway for portals to communicate with the system. As a High Definition Personal Video Recorder (HDPVR), the BlueSky TV box has some great new features that will improve your TV viewing experience. Some of these new features include:

  • BlueSky TV User Interface
  • Multiple Networked PVRs - Up to three BlueSky TV boxes can be installed in a BlueSky-ready home to provide increased storage space and available tuners.
  • Aim Anywhere – the boxes can be completely hidden from sight and remote commands will still register.
  • 60-minute buffer for live TV recording and playback.


In addition, each BlueSky TV box may have up to 3 portals connected, with a 12 TV maximum.


BlueSky TV PVR

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BlueSky TV Box product specifications


HDMI OutYeseSATADisabled
Mini-HDMINoHD CompatibleYes
DVINoTuner TypeDigital
ComponentNoNo. of TunersSix*
CompositeYesInternal Hdd

500GB (Expandable to

1.5 TB with additional units)

S-VideoNoPVR ExpandableN/A
Coaxial (out)YesMPEG-4Yes
PCA AudioYes1080p CapableYes
S/PDIF (Coaxial)No3D CapableYes
SPDIF (Optical)YesVOD CapableYes
IR TetherNoManufacturerArris
USBDisabledBuffer60 minutes
HDMI InDisabledWidth30 cm / 13.8 in
EthernetDisabledDepth20.5 cm / 8.1 in
WirelessNoHeight6 cm / 2.4 in
*12 simultaneous recordings are possible with multiple BlueSky TV boxes

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BlueSky TV Portal

The BlueSky TV Portal is the base portal hardware that exists for the BlueSky TV ecosystem. The function of the portal is to connect Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) to the BlueSky TV class of PVRs. The BlueSky Portal will allow you to stop a recorded show in one room and pick it up in another so you can watch your programming when you want and from which ever room you want. Use remote commands to control your programming from anywhere in your home. Here is an overview of key features of the BlueSky TV Portal.

  • BlueSky TV User Interface
  • Reduced Size – at just over five inches wide and three and a half inches deep, the BlueSky TV portal is compact enough so you don’t have to worry about changing your device setup
  • HDMI only
  • External power pack
  • Aim Anywhere Convenience – BlueSky TV portals can be completely hidden from sight and remote commands will still register.
  • 25-minute buffer for live TV recording and playback.


BlueSky Portal

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BlueSky TV Portal product specifications


Mini-HDMINoHD CompatibleYes
DVINoTuner TypeDigital
ComponentNoNo. of Tunersn/a
CompositeNoInternal HDDNo
S-VideoNoPVR ExpandableNo
Coaxial (out)YesMPEG-4Yes
PCA AudioNo1080p CapableYes
S/PDIF (Coaxial)No3D CapableYes
SPDIF (Optical)NoVOD CapableYes
IR TetherNoBuffer Time25 minutes
USBNoWidth13.5 cm / 5.31 in
HDMI InNoDepth8.7 cm / 3.43 in
EthernetNoHeight3.2 cm / 1.25 in

The BlueSky portal does not support 4K/Ultra HD video format at this time.

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BlueSky TV Remote Control

Of course, no cable box would be anything without the remote control. The BlueSky TV remote control is a remote with voice control that will be included with the BlueSky TV hardware. 

BlueSky TV Remote Control


  • Voice key and microphone
  • Amber coloured backlight for ease of use even at nighttime. The backlight comes on as soon as the remote is picked up, no need to press any buttons for it to function. 
  • Accelerometer--keys are backlit automatically as you pick up the remote. Motion-sensing and energy saving!
  • A variety of shortcut keys
  • Aim anywhere control allowing you to navigate your TV even if your box is inside a cabinet or entertainment unit

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