BlueSky TV firmware settings

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Learn how to check the firmware version of your BlueSky TV digital cable box using your remote control. Understand how the firmware upgrade process works.  What is firmware?  Firmware is programming that's written to the read-only memory (ROM) of a computing device to give permanent instructions to communicate with other devices and perform functions such as basic input/output tasks.



How to check the firmware version

Here is how you can check the firmware version of your BlueSky TV digital box using your remote control. 

  1. Press the Shaw button
  2. Navigate to Settings icon, press OK
  3. Navigate down to About, and press OK
  4. The firmware will be listed on the screen, “STB Version”


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Firmware upgrade process

This section explains how the firmware upgrades for the BlueSky TV PVR and the BlueSky TV Portal will occur.


How it works

  1. The BlueSky TV Digital Box (also referred to as Set-Top Box or STB) gets firmware and stores it on the digital box.
  2. The BlueSky TV digital box reboots (nightly or forced)
  3. The BlueSky TV digital box operates on downloaded firmware.


Device Initiated

There are two scenarios when the device is initiated to access the firmware:

  1. Upon boot-up
  2. Nightly “checker"

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