Email Setup Instructions

Version 65

    This page provides all of the information needed to get your Shaw email account up and running on your computer, phone or tablet. You’ll also learn how to access Shaw Webmail so that you can access your Shaw email from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection as well as create new @shaw email addresses through My Account.


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    Phone/Tablet Email Setup


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    Computer Email Setup

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    Other email programs



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    Shaw Webmail


    Stay in touch with Shaw Webmail

    Access your email from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. Store messages, addresses, folders and contact groups ... there's even spell check!


    Click Here to Sign into Shaw Webmail


    Why use Shaw Webmail

    • 1GB of email storage per email account
    • Fully featured Spam Filter and Spell Check
    • Access your email from any computer
    • Send emails up to 20MB in size


    Learn more about Shaw Webmail



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