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How to record and view vcr tapes with a digital box?

Question asked by westfinn on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2016 by shaw-jason

I understand vcrs are almost obsolete but as a senior I still like them and couldn't afford a pvr even if I wanted one. I got a digital box for Christmas from my kids and according to the instructions that came with the digital box (it shows it connected to a vcr) it should be hooked up correctly as I can get my tv channels now. I've set the vcr to record my shows at a set time each day and when I remove the tape it has moved forward as if it actually taped my shows. My problem is that I can't figure out how to view them on the tv now. I tried setting the tv (Sony flat screen) to Video 1 - no luck then to Video 2 - still no tape viewing. When I put a tape into the vcr I get a brief display on the screen saying AV and STOP.

I have connected the cable wire from the cable outlet to the RF "IN" on the digital box - OUT from digital box to IN back of vcr then OUT from vcr to RF "IN" on the back of the TV. Both VCR and TV are set to Ch 4 (Edmonton)

If there is anyone out in the community that can help I would much appreciate. I've tried Shaw customer service but they don't have a clue and the first app't for a tech to come out is mid Jan.

The TV is a flat screen Sony, the vcr is a RCA and the digital box is a DCT700.

Thank you for your help.