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trying to set up a DCT700 to work properly with Windows Media Centre

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by shaw-matt

Due to the recent network upgrade I must now use a digital box to view tv broadcasts on my computer. Obtained a DCT700 digital box from Shaw last week and connected it to my PC by co-axial cables. Finally got the TV signal configured and am now able to view live broadcasts on Windows Media Centre (WMC). I do however have have one big problem, I cannot change channels within WMC (either by using the remote or the on screen buttons), the WMC display shows it's changing channels but it's not. The channel can be only be changed by pointing the Shaw remote at the digital box and selecting a different channel. This is OK when viewing but since recording is a function of WMC it will only record from the last channel that was watched. Example: if you set WMC to record a program on channel 8 at 9:00 but the last show you watched was on channel 2 it will record whatever is broadcast on channel 2 at 9:00. Does anyone know how it fix this ? Thanks...