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Xbox One OneGuide help?

Question asked by cooperb on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by shaw-ken

Hi, I've got a peculiar situation. I recently sign up to basic Shaw cable, in Vancouver.


When I hook up my HD box directly to my TV, I get roughly channels 1-60 (with many gaps ie 42,47,52,57) - along with a bunch over 100. (ie 123, 125, ect)


Now when I pull my HD Box into my Xbox One, and select the proper matched "Shaw Cable - Standard" settings, I get far more channels than previously, albeit with none over 99.
*Meaning* on Xbox One I get a bunch of my gaps filled in with other cities channels, ex Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Ontario, ect. (giving my 42,43,44,45,46,47 - basically a *complete* 1-60 listing) But it stops at 99, cutting off the bundle channels such as all the numerous Sportsnets, the TSNs, Action, ect.


In total, I'd say I get without the Xbox I get 50 channels. (sparatic 1-60 + 20 in the 100s) where as on Xbox One I get near 100 (a conclusive 1-99 list)


So, I get more on Xbox One that I can't even see on the Shaw box. But I also miss some of the 100-channels only visible via Shaw box.



Kudos if you've managed to follow this post! I'm stumped. I'm left between choosing between two different set of channels.


Does anyone here have experience using Shaw with the Xbox OneGuide. I know Shaw's official stance is 'Xbox is unsupported' but Microsoft says they brought the OneGuide coverage to Canada back in June 2014, & it clearly has 4 Shaw settings that work relatively well.



Anyways, thanks for your time. I hope I was more than clear with my strange situation. =D