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Hitron CGNM2250 with 100Mb interfaces only getting 30Mb/s

Question asked by edverd100 on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by shaw-harvey

I recently upgraded to the wide-open 150 package and was "upgraded" to the hitron cgnm2250 router.  After the upgrade all of my machines connected with a 100Mb network interfaces only get about 30Mb/s download speeds.  The hardware with 1000Mb interfaces get the 150Mb/s speeds.  I have tried turning off auto-negotiation and forcing 100Mb full duplex, as suggested by shaw support, with no change.  Is this a problem with this one modem or are other people seeing this as well?  This only happens if the hardware is connected directly to the hitron if there is a gig switch in between the 100Mb hardware gets about 90Mb/s download speeds.