ShawPasspoint - More than iOS

Discussion created by kme0801 on Oct 18, 2016
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I had posted a while back (in March - Shaw Go WiFi - Needs Secure Option (e.g. Sasktel) ) about Shaw needing a secure option for wireless.  At the time ShawPasspoint was apparently being tested in a few areas, and since then it seems to be on virtually all the access points that I see that also have ShawOpen (which is nice to see).  Saying that, it appears that since it's launch, it's still limited to iOS only.


Making a configuration profile for macOS is pretty much identical to iOS (the same one probably would work if it is only configuring Wi-Fi).  Android has supported HotSpot 2.0 for many years, and Windows 8 and beyond supports all the WPA2-Enterprise authentication methods (assuming the user has a username and password).  Windows 10 also supports HotSpot 2.0.


As it is the existing signup method for ShawPasspoint is somewhat messed up.  You need to connect to ShawOpen, and register the device (or you must be at home using Shaw's router, not your own with the modem in bridge mode).  If you do use your own router, it appears to be unable to capture the MAC address of the iOS device properly and adds a device that doesn't actually work to your account (tested and confirmed more than once).  


I think it's great that Shaw wants to try to make this easy for end users, but I suspect they'd have an easier time providing additional options beyond just a configuration profile.  Why isn't there an option to connect to ShawPasspoint with standard WPA2 credentials (email and password) negating the need to wait to Shaw to expand support to new devices?  And why is it taking so long to add new devices?  Is it that hard to make configuration profiles for other devices?  Does it really require that much testing?


I suspect without changes, the utilization of ShawPasspoint will be minimal at best which is sad considering it is safer than using ShawOpen.