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Hitron CGNM2250 - Requires frequent resetting.

Question asked by buzzard777 on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by skvira

I've been having troubles with the new Hitron modem since upgrading to the Shaw 150 package. About 90% of the time, speeds are absolutely insane. However, I have to reboot it around once a day because my downstream will tank down from the normal 150Mbps to ~7Mbps (7Mbps tested to Shaw's Kelowna server). Rebooting always solves the problem, but what's bugging me is that there is no warning when the tank will occur. I play a lot of LoL where the issue has manifested itself as inconsistent pings or a full blown disconnect. It might be packet loss or something, I don't know. 


Is this a well-known/common problem? I've seen a couple others complaining about the same issue. A post by a shaw rep on here indicated there was a firmware update incoming for this modem over the next couple months. Is it targeting this issue?