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Unscheduled Maintenance - Internet & Phone

Question asked by 5thej on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by shaw-lance

Extremely ****** off having called Shaw to find out both Internet & Phone were out due to Unscheduled Maintenance. Such a stupid time to be doing it. Ever heard of letting customers know in advance. If it's not this, it's going out due to other issues on their end. Like too how Internet is so slow at 1AM in the morning. Happens every night. Shaw is bad as Telus. Amazing how they want top $$$ for their services but can't provide it, along with wanting customers to pay before billing due date. Anytime there's talk of competition from U.S. coming to Canada Shaw, Telus, Bell, Rogers start crying like little children. Recently, I decided to take a chance on Phone service but am totally regretting it now. If this continues i'll be cancelling everything.


Zero ***** given by Shaw. Customer Support doesn't exist.


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