How To: Cast Youtube Content to BlueSky TV

Discussion created by valiaig on Jul 5, 2018

When you startup YouTube TV App on your BlueSky TV box:

1. Make sure you signed-in to your  YouTube Account (Google Account) 
2. Choose Settings 
3. Choose Link TV & Phone 
4. Go to Link with TV Code 
5. On Your Phone or Tablet -Tap Your Account Icon  
6. Then tap Settings 
7. Tap  Watch On TV 
8. Now tap Enter TV Code 

9. Once you enter blue TV code shown on your TV - Tap Link.
10. Now when you tap Cast Button you will see device listed in your Cast Menu


Use app on your phone or tablet to search for any video you want to watch  by using smart phone/tablet or other smart devices.


Content is streamed as defined by signal quality settings of the TV box. (Maximum 1080p 60)


Shaw forgot to tell its customers of very important setup that makes life easier.