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is the PHISH from my email client sending these, or outside server?

Question asked by himmit on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by himmit

I've started receiving emails from people in my Contacts list. BTW - I use real email, not web based browser mail.
These emails from 'contacts' are phising, or have links to nefarious web sites. When testing the site with a sandboxed browser, it's blocked by my anti-everything.


The origin of one email, for example is Vietnam - with return path being a contact. The email From: displays person known in my Contacts.


The To: has 5 addresses, none I recognize and one being my own email address.



I realize that some mail clients use the local smtp engine to send spam and scam. Since the faked senders are from my address/contact book, is it my system sending these? 


I uploaded the full headers to a Shaw chat but it looked like a dogs breakfast (no formatting there!) and the agent said all my contacts were infected at their computer - I doubt that. The phone agent @ Shaw was very generic - and suggested I start and continue marking all these as spam. Be faster if I just disabled Get Email.


Any tips would be appreciated. I have attached a text copy of the full headers BUT changed the names to ... ya know.



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