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    Re: Shaw E-mail Interruption Update


      On March 7, an interruption in Shaw e-mail service caused the delay and deletion of incoming e-mail to a number of shaw.ca addresses. E-mail service was fully functional by that evening and continues to be. We understand that our customers rely on our services to receive their e-mails and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. As a means of trying to rectify the situation we were able to capture basic log information from the e-mails coming into our servers and have provided customers who were impacted with these details including the sender name, subject and time of receipt. Unfortunately, we are unable to recover the contents of these e-mails.


      Please note that only incoming e-mails were affected – any of your outgoing messages sent from your @shaw.ca e-mail accounts were not affected. This was also not a security breach in any way – security and privacy are top priority for Shaw.


      If there are any individual concerns regarding missing e-mail information or non-functioning e-mail, please contact one of our Community moderators so that we can review this on a one-on-one basis.





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          thanks for the update. I look forward to your list of my deleted emails.

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            This really is the worst possible outcome. My work involves client confidentiality of a sensitive nature. Could I speak with someone?

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              By all means devhi - I've sent you a direct message, please reply with your contact details and we'll be in touch.




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                Wow.  I am almost speechless.   How is it possible that my incoming emails were deleted?   To say that I less than impressed is an understatement.   More than 24 hours of waiting only to be told - oops sorry we deleted your incoming emails?  And I'm supposed to say - oh OK thanks?  I don't think so.   Are you planning on doing anything other than saying  oops?  That's what I want to know.  What will you do to make sure this never happens again?  What about some kind of goodwill gesture to your effected customers?  

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                  Thanks to Sean for getting back to me in a timely manner. I want to pass on the info that the list of senders/subjects will be automatically collated and sent, to reduce concerns of confidentiality and privacy infringement.

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                    Sounds like it's more thanks to you devhi.  If you had not piped in this may not have happened.  Thanks for doing that.   I feel sorry for the reps who have to deal with us here but I am so unimpressed with Shaw right now it's not even funny. We have a small company and rely on email to run our business.   Like many here this has caused us such a headache and lost business.   We pay Shaw big money each month for TV and internet and feel we've been given the run around for over 24 hours only to be told oops sorry.  I am beyond infuriated.

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                      I am in 100 % agreement with moune and devhi. You deleted our incoming emails? I work at home and my emails are important to me. What is wrong with you people? And what are you planning on doing about it?

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                        Hey moune - Understandably you're frustrated and we apologize for the inconvenience this interruption has caused. If you're available I'd love to touch base and discuss things further. I've sent you a direct message, please reply with your contact details and the best time to reach you at.




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                          Are we going to be able to get attached files if those files were included in the emails? I had some important attachments coming via email yesterday and needed to get them before the weekend.

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                            Well, from what I understand, if you didn't receive your emails from that gap of downtime by now, chances are that they are deleted (unless magic happens). Shaw was somehow able to retain basic information and that will be automatically relayed to customers via email sometime this evening.


                            That's something that we are going to have to live with,  and we won't ever know if we rec'd all notifications from every potential lost email. Technical problems happen, and hopefully they've learned from this one, and put safety checks in place to ensure that emails ARE saved in the future.


                            Shaw's problem was in not addressing their customers at first notification of something amiss, resulting in embarrassing and costly situations for its customers because of time sensitive, financial and confidential information. A major PR debacle, as many of us rely on Shaw for business communication (myself included). This is something that needs to be taken to a higher level wrt compensation, or vote with your dollars. Either way, Shaw's PR department should have dealt with this instead of letting their customer service reps weather the firestorm.

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                              I also use my email for business and had files I needed to work on yesterday go missing as well as information about a work trip Monday. Because you're only sending us info at 6pm on a Friday I now can't contact anyone until Monday morning. If you'd been able to get us the info before the end of business day there might have been some salvaging possible. This one day tech problem has set me back 4 days.

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                                Frustration isn't the half of it.


                                My affairs have been dead in the water and you cannot even tell me if my missing mail is delayed, or dead until sometime in the next 24 hours. Yes, you'be be able (maybe) to tell me who e-mailed me and when. Nice. It's sort of like viewing the body in a morgue, don't you think?


                                Here's some thoughts:

                                #1. Put a notice prominently on your webpage to alert subscribers. Yeah, its probably bad business for anyone looking to subscribe at that time, but news of bad service travels fast.


                                #2. Provide timely updates. Like any problem anywhere, the resolution progresses from "uhh, something seems wrong", through "I haven't a clue what's wrong" to "we have an idea" to "the fix is a few hours away" to "we're running again and catching up." 


                                #3 Don't fib. I lost nearly 24 hours waiting for "we didn't lose any e-mails" to come true. It didn't.


                                By the way, calling a catastrophic 12-hour outage an "isolated incident" seems insulting, even if that's what it was to your tech people.


                                Just sayin'  (and gritting my teeth as I do.)



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                                  Oh, and by the way, there was some special irony that the last e-mail to make it through yesterday came from a major bank kindly alerting me that my account was on restricted status.


                                  I'm glad I got it, because Prince Mumbullah is supposed to be transferring me $6.5 million from Nigeria into my account any day now.





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                                    Thanks for getting this resolved in a timely matter. I was expecting some important emails and I am glad to hear I will at least have the sender and subject details if any needed ones were lost.

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