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    Certain YouTube Videos Not Loading


      At approximately 8pm Pacific Standard Time, I started experiencing YouTube Video loading issues on certain videos. Specifically, the HTML page loads fine, most of the time with thumbnail images, and even the SWF and/or HTML5 players load, but the actual video file never streams.


      Yes, I have tried multiple web browsers, resetting cache and extensions, as well as another computer in the house. (and of course, the obligatory Router/Modem reboot.) In fact, other people and friends in my area are experiencing the same issues I describe. We are on Shaw Cablesystems (shaw.ca) here in Lantzville, BC, Canada; specifically V0R2H0 postal code.


      I'm not here to complain or accuse any wrongdoing on either Google or Shaw's part; I'm simply inquiring as to other people having the same issue in case there's a backbone network or routing problem with YouTube's Content Distribution Network streaming certain videos.


      This video works fine for me:



      Strangely enough, another on his channel does not:



      These videos below are the ones which don't load:





      This is also posted on Google Product Forums here:



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          I don't think it's necessarily entirely a Shaw issue; but it seems people on Telus are unaffected. What I have noticed is that when you load a video page that won't play, instead of generating the videoplayer=X url request, it generates a "204 No Content" error, after failing loading the crossdomain.xml file from

          http://r1---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com/crossdomain.xml NOTFOUND

          http://r1---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com/generate_204 NOTFOUND


          As highlighted in the following forum post:



          "Yes it has been resolved. The issue was the outbound gateway was being blocked by our ITC.  gstatic has to be open."


          Could it be a blocked address from a Shaw Gateway possibly? Just an idea...


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            Exact same issues in Courteney, also on Shaw cable.


            Also worth noting replys to this thread:

            Google Groups

            Seems people all across the island are having these issues on Shaw.

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              I'm having the same issues from Vancouver.


              http://r5---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com/ seems to be the problematic url I'm trying to connect to.


              Pinging that r5---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com, I am dropping anywhere from 50 to 100% of the packets.


              Here is my ping result.

              ping r5---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com

              PING r5.sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com ( 56 data bytes

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 0

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=61 time=24.652 ms

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=61 time=20.048 ms

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 3

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=61 time=21.468 ms

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 5

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 6

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=61 time=30.654 ms

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 8

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 9

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=10 ttl=61 time=15.025 ms

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=11 ttl=61 time=21.650 ms

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 12

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 13

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 14

              Request timeout for icmp_seq 15

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=16 ttl=61 time=19.945 ms

              64 bytes from icmp_seq=17 ttl=61 time=17.031 ms


              These are the same results for the following URLs:







              Running a traceroute on these URLs seems to choke on this hop: tl15vt.vc.shawcable.net (


              For the http://r3---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com/ and http://r4---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com/, I did not drop any packets pinging them. Running a traceroute on them shows they do not go through tl15vt.vc.shawcable.net (, but they go through (


              So whatever youtube URL that has to go through seems to be the issue. Connecting through a proxy I can access these same videos that won't play without the proxy, further evidence that it's a routing issue.


              So please, any Shaw support, please forward this to your network team to verify what I'm saying and get the appropriate engineers to fix this issue.


              Thank you.

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                Thanks for your posts kirashi, nexprime, and dyl604,


                Appreciate the details you have provided us here, I will begin the investigation to look in to these reports further.


                I'll keep you posted.


                Thank you,


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                  Keep us fully informed please Ali, as this issue is wide spread.


                  Thank you

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                    Glad I'm not the only one with this issue.


                    Having the same problem since around midnight last night (Sept 9th) here in Oak Bay (Victoria), connected directly to the modem.

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                      Same problems for me here in Vancouver since yesterday. Hopefully this is resolved soon...

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                        EXACT same thing happening here in Burnaby, BC!


                        Anyone have the direct phone number to switch to Telus?

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                          Update: 1:00 PM PT

                          Issue has been replicated and escalated to our Network Operations team. Thank you for your examples, at this time no further examples are required. We will keep you updated here in this thread with our progress towards resolving this issue.

                          Thank you for your patience.



                          Community Moderator



                          Previous post (examples no longer required):


                          Hello all,

                          Please forward me your examples by email and to this address HERE.


                          Copy and paste the template below in to your email:


                          Info requiredResponse

                          Location / Account #



                          LAN Setup ( Bridged or Router Mode)


                          Type Of Connection

                          (Wired or Wireless)

                          4 Number of PC/Laptop Connections
                          5 What is your current actual speed? (http://www.speedtest.net)
                          6 Description of issue / error message(s):

                          When did the issue begin?

                          8 Describe details of YouTube video streamed (e.g. HD 720/1080p, length in hours/minutes, video name/URL)       

                          How long did buffering occur? (hours/minutes/second)

                          10 Did you encounter buffering other than on YouTube? (Please specify)



                          ==========End of Template===========

                          We are investigating these reports further.


                          Thank you,

                          Community Moderator

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                          • 10. Re: Certain YouTube Videos Not Loading

                            Location: Vancouver

                            router mode

                            Wireless connection

                            2 laptops

                            speed 13 - 20

                            error message "won't load"

                            Began sept 9th 2013

                            Any quality and some videos will load while others won't

                            buffering goes on indefinitely and sometimes error message occurs

                            no just you tube

                            Thanks Ali!

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                              Location: Burnaby

                              router mode

                              Wireless connection

                              1 laptop

                              speed 19.61 = download .48 = upload

                              error message = video will not load.  video stays black then "An error occurred, please try again later. LEARN MORE"

                              Began Sept 8 or 9th 2013

                              Some YouTube videos will load while others will not, no matter how many times Ive rebooted, unplugged my router, cleared cache/cookies.  Still the same videos will not load for a couple of days, while others will work.  Exactly the same problem as the original post by kirashi.  But the videos that he posted that wont load for him, will load for me.


                              videos that do not load will say on bottom of loading screen-


                              "waiting for r4---sn-ni5f-t8gl.c.youtube.com...."

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                                Location: Vancouver

                                router mode

                                Wireless connection

                                1 laptop

                                speed ~20

                                error message "won't load"

                                Began sept 9th 2013

                                Any quality of video and especially videos that are longer than 5 minutes won't work, as they will just buffer until a error message occurs, while those under will occasionally work. Done everything I can think of, and yet, still have the same problems.

                                • 13. Re: Certain YouTube Videos Not Loading

                                  Hi all,


                                  Please forward me the examples using the template above via email as well so that you can include your private info such as account # and the video url's you are trying to load that won't work.


                                  Email here: YouTube Playback Issues


                                  Thank you,


                                  Community Moderator

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