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K: HD starts Sept. 25.  Will Shaw carry it?

Question asked by dxer on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by dxer

The Knowledge Network of BC starts its HD broadcast on September 25th.  Can we expect to see it from the start?  This is a public channel, available only on cable or by satellite.   Let's hope Shaw plays the leader here, for once, and brings it aboard quickly.   K:HD has too many programs, all quite different from standard TV, that suggest its being carried.   If Shaw can bring its own corporate-owned channels W and DTOUR, it should have room for K:HD (let alone CBC NN HD).  


Here is their twitter post:

Knowledge Network     @kpassiton                11 Sep       

Knowledge Network is going high-def in two weeks on September 25th!  Check your local cable carrier for details.