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Nothing but problems with internet, phone and tv.

Question asked by winterpeg_allstar on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by shaw-lance

A few months back I was having disconnection problems with
all my services. The issues lasted for a month. A service tech came out and
muddled about until they declared there were no signal problems and off he
went. I asked to have the equipment replaced as it’s nearly 8 years old. He
said it would not help.


Now, here I am with the same problems, only this time it is
much worse than before. My internet dies every 5 minutes, my tv cuts out with
pixelated distortion and loss of audio, and worst of all, my phone randomly
stops working all together. The shaw phone I have is my only phone, I don’t use
cell phones.


I called the tech support line a couple of days ago when the
phone was actually working and their diagnosis was it appeared I was
experiencing technical difficulties with my services…well gee, tell me
something I don’t know. They said another service tech would have to come to my
home and diagnose the problem…again. The earliest appointment I was able to get
is November 16. I guess those ads that you run about having techs living in my
area and fast service nothing but smoke and mirrors, huh?


Anyway, I can’t have this service the way it is for the next
2 weeks. Seeing as how my problems started nearly 2 weeks ago and things are
getting worse, which will be a month without reliable service. I think I would

be better off throwing out this faulty equipment and finding a better service
provider as your service keep getting more expensive and less reliable.